Deciding avatars: female, male, or both

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Should ATA allow you to choose your preferred avatar gender?

  1. Yes

    80 vote(s)
  2. No

    13 vote(s)
  1. Tired of seeing that purple screen and getting excited, only to discover you received an avatar you won’t use?

    Cause I’m tired of finally getting lucky with an avi from a box and it being a male which is completely useless to me. Ata should give the option of choosing whether you would like only female avatars, only male, or both if you wish.
    It’s so disappointing seeing the purple background and getting an avi I won’t ever use.
  2. It should be both but ata doesn't usually take back their bad decisions so 🤷‍♀️ honestly, most avatars are hideously drawn so it's not like we were gonna wear either of them anyway
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  3. Id rather get a avi i wont use over a avi coin that is useless. Im not excited to open boxes anymore
  4. Support🌚
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  5. I don't think ATA will actually listen and change their decision just like omiyosiw said :(
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  6. Cross-dress more often
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  7. Or let us trade them
  8. Ain't gonna happen, devs have said so. Shards are their solution to avi trading. And something about the way avis are coded into the game prevents them from being able to be traded. Strange said as much in their AMA.
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  9. I can understand that. It’s disappointment every time you turn around. You can either get an ugly, useless avi or take a year to save up enough coins for an ugly avi. Im just tired of finally getting lucky and then realizing they played me😂
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  10. Fuck right off
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  11. Fuck right off
  12. Ridley, it might be time to consider other objectives.
  13. I say no. Because some avatar choices suck. And if I don’t know what the avatars look like before I choose, then I’ll be highly disappointed if and when I find that the male avi looked better or something. So sorry bb, but no support
  14. But that’s when you have the “both” option. You can select whether you prefer female, male, or you’d like both
  15. Just say you don’t like the avatars and move on, no need to insult the art of a game that you willingly play, y’know? ;^)
  16. This idea has already been brought up before. I assume the option to not choose which avis you want is the same reason why they made avi boxes for the side and main story- so it motivates players to progress through the stories instead of just getting the avi they want and being done with it. Also what if you changed your mind and you like the masc avi more than the fem (for example) then you’d be stuck with only 1 type of avatar and thats kinda boring imo
  17. Agreed, and a year for a coin avatar is a major understatement. I’ve opened upwards of 300 spins’ worth of monthly boxes and have a grand total of 2 coins.
  18. Now that's just sad 😖
  19. There was a time when the art used to be good
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  20. Ofc I'm allowed to insult the art. Ata has proven they're capable of creating pretty avatars and still choose not to most of the time unless the avatar is $100+
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  21. That’s not really an argument. Anyone’s allowed to do anything, that’s obvious- it’s just kinda odd that people who are most likely not artists and have no artistic background/skill feel like they’re in a position to judge anyone’s art- especially of a free mobile game they willingly play. If you hate the art so much then find a game that has art you like.

    But mostly, do you really think calling the avatars hideous is going to make ATA change/improve?