Daylight Savings Time Ends Soon!

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    Once again, we're using our magical powers up in the north to turn back time.

    On Sunday, November 1st at 2:00AM Pacific Time,
    daylight savings time ends and clocks go back one hour.
    This means it will then become 1:00AM Pacific Time as soon as the clock turns 2.

    Not everyone in the world ends Daylight Savings at the same time,
    so you will want to confirm any times we have posted against your local times.

    How does this affect me?
    An hour will be gained on Sunday, Nov 1st! Meaning you'll have an hour to earn your daily LITE Boxes.
    POTDs, events, content launches will continue to be based at noon Pacific Time.

    As well, our 2x Weekend Promo will run one extra hour long! 🥳🥳

    Now, to that extra hour of beauty sleep (because [ATA]Queens needs it 💅🏽)

  2. 🥳
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  3. get that beauty sleep LurQueen
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  4. Extra hour for that 2x promo too 💅
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  5. Sleep well, Queens 😴
  6. This is actually noice
  7. I am not ready for an extra hour of 2020
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