Dancing actually takes more money than fights from your opponent in exceptional scenarios

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  1. [​IMG] Let’s discuss is it only the raw stats that affects how much cash your farm loses or misc+tb matter as well.
  2. Didn’t they just answer that?
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  3. Yes but it’s for the people who say misc don’t affect but only the raw stats
  4. True I think it might be related to what devs said as misc might affect cash lost. So if a pure build capped intel is able to win a fight on a pure strength build who’s capped on misc then the fights should take less money if misc matter in money loss. But usually pure build opposite account won’t be able to land on each other using a pvp action that don’t suit their account like intel won’t be able to win a fight unless they have decent amount of tutors to increase their strength misc cap so they can hold little more misc on str then their farm. And usually this intel account should be bigger than their strength build opponent
  5. I'm not really sure what you mean by this.

    You're saying that it is very unlikely for these kinds of actions to land which is true. I think there is a base 1% chance of landing a hit, so certainly not much higher than that.

    But I'm missing the implication
  6. I meant if you can’t land a hit on fight how would you compare money loss during fights vs dance . I won’t recommend anyone who wants to farm to go intel build but intel build fairies can defend themselves with dance so it’s not very logical if someone makes fun of an intel build dancing after a strip when that intel build is able to win a fight on his opponent.
  7. Oh. The concensus at least within sfw clubs is that even if an intel can land, a strength build is going to have more efficient "energy > money loss" ratio from strengths. So they do that kind of damage and intels focus on plundering and pesting.

    Making fun of them is also making fun of the leaders for not having the appropriate people dealing damage against the right points.

    The intel should move on to the next target and prank and dance rather than hogging hits from the strengths. Most conventional knowledge supports this strategy in most cases.

    And really at the end of the day, trash talk can also be used to distract or confuse your opponents. Instead of providing constructive criticism, it is a good strategy to feed them bad info so I don't take trash talk as a good source of strategies.
  8. Yes it’s mostly because they know an intel build would not be able to fight them and they get mad when they get danced so they make fun of them. But also when someone gets stripped they just focus on how to humiliate their enemy and that’s the first thing most think of. So if they have been danced after a strip they just get that excuse to throw an insult at the opponent.

    Why I made this thread was to understand pvp in detail so if more people are curious and willing to understand and participate then we can get closer to knowing how this game works.

    So if you talk about conserving energy and getting your farm pinned quick then yes strength builds have an advantage only if they fight a strength build account but if they fight a intel account then it’s difficult to pin them and almost everyone knows that so they love to strip an intel account but the opposite of this is true as well.

    Pinning an intel build account from an intel build by dance is efficient if you want to conserve more energy but when it comes to saying would it be better to dance an strength build account for more cash or dance an intel build account to have that better conserving energy and money loss ratio we can’t really say yet as most of the time it’s not better as dances takes less cash then fights

    . So dancing is only better for certain people and think about this what if those certain intel build people were strength build with same stats as they have now ,same misc would fights take more than what they are taking on dance rn(which is greater than current fights) ?
    I think yes so that’s the reason going strength build is better if you wanna STRIP farm.

    As I stated fights take 3x as dances even if you are intel build and I feel most people have already experimented with it so I was confused why I was getting different results. So I found out I forgot to take misc into the equation. And most old players don’t realize it as before misc limits they held equal amounts of misc on both strength and intel so they always took more on fight no matter the build.

    Also this is just an incomplete theory and I expect lots of errors. So don’t believe unless you experiment it yourself
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Explain this. So I found it’s not always about intel build . They have opposite builds but take same cash on dance and fights
  10. And I’ll introduce you to ways of changing regen time without using a dn
  11. Like the old system of regen hits from full used from early pwar and cat hits prior to the party hits plunder staying constant?
    1-2-1 dance
    2-2-1 fight
    ..or whatever the patterns were
  12. No
  13. 3 Ed= 1fight
    2 prank=1fight
    So by using Ed and pranks in your unload you can change your regen time. Do either 3D or 2 pranks in your unload.

    And misc yes matters in cash loss from your opponent . So consider this two opposite pure builds unload on a same even build account . And the pure strength is unloading using fight and the pure intel build is unloading using dance than the one who’s fighting takes more cash so Intel builds are less suited for pvp but...

    What makes people lose cash is a combination of your misc+doormate+tutor power in that pvp action you are using. So someone who’s pure intel build have lots of power in dance and less in fight and more power =more cash lost from oppo.

    So it’s better for a pure intel build account to dance a pure strength build account after a strip and especially when they hold the maximum amount of misc they can on intel side of the stats so lots of misc.

    Now for close stats consider this

    Which of my hitter will take more cash per hit from me

    1. One who is exactly same stats as me and capped on misc

    2. One who is at the top of my bucket with a huge stats difference is much larger than me but is also capped on misc. this hitter is as large as they can be and still be in my hit range

    So here number 1. Option will take more cash per hit so it all depends on the amount of misc you have and everything else . If the larger hitter had significantly more misc than the smaller hitter then he’ll take more cash per hit . It’s not only about misc but Also tutors . And misc and tutors make people lose same amounts of cash.

    Also someone told me after like 80% of your misc max you stop taking more cash from your opponent but yes those 20% extra will make you more strong but won’t take more cash. So if your misc max is 10bcs then if you have 8bcs or 10bcs does not matter and you make your farm lose same amounts of cash but if you have less than 8bcs than you make them lose less cash than what you would make them lose if you had 8bcs of misc while your misc max is 10bcs.
  14. I like the idea of closer total stats people having more impactful hits.

    But can we have some proof of that?
  15. Op I've done experiments with 6.68t out but only on fight... Hitters were of varying stats and builds... I gathered some very interesting data... Next I'll do what ur talking about with d and f... if I didn't alrdy have u blocked (which means I alrdy hit u whenever I want &/or you've cried on my wall🙈I'd share my findings with u 😊

  16. I've also asked the devs thru the help ticket, about cash opponent looses based on the target's and the hitters misc n tb And their reply was that they can't reveal the math of the game mechanics lol
  17. I can concur on the fact that closer stats takes more money but like I said earlier I only did it on fight... Now I wanna go do it on dance lol
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  18. is that you dan?😂
  19. I skipped half of reading this due to so much reading but you can try on me if ya want. These rare cases see if its true. @Rope