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  1. Aahh i see .. ALL 4 AVIS.
  2. Nicely done by bringing them back but the avis that you can get from the coins are really awesome 👌 totally f2p and nice decision.
    Pc don't forget to get all the free dns for Bf yall 🤭
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  3. OMG thank you ❤️ And I love the Avis that we can purchase with the tokens 😍❤️
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  5. Daily XC is gone 🗿
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  6. It will end in November 25th i guess.
  7. Yeah I went and used a bunch of 8 hour speed ups to get points only to see there is no daily xc right now 💀 it disappeared
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  8. Well that was an exciting two days.
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  9. Oh it's back up now 🥲 wish I would have checked before tryna get points 😂
  10. But its still there . Idk. Restart game
  11. Yeah I know it started 30mins after change over rip 💀
  12. Rip yo speedups
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  13. I think this was probably mentioned before but I wish the higher level pets and furni gave more points 🤧

    But regardless of that! I love the daily xc and the avis options!
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  14. Let me put up the simple math for you.

    At 240 total points for full daily rewards, and each completed party at 15 points, that's asking players to complete 16 parties to get full rewards. This can arguably be reduced to 13 if you assume the player opens 3 timer boxes in a day for 15 points each. That's what a free player with no saved resources can reasonably expect to get. Most parties will not cooperate with this, and players who usually want to complete parties will typically go with the POTD, as there is always a hunt going on.

    And before you get into "But there's also the spinner and upgrading furniture or pets!" I will tell you right now that those are not reliable for players because it's impossible to know what their situation is like between saved spins, pets available and their levels, furniture available and the associated resources between all of them. Additionally, it creates a compulsion to use stuff players have saved up. There are players on both ends who can't reliably use those options and it's not fair to them.

    Lastly, I'm fine with getting more points for dropping towards a premium party. It should not have resulted in such an absurd increase of more than 50% of what was asked for in the previous Daily XC. ATA has moved the bar again, and they've pushed it so far that it's clear they're trying to encourage players to spend money rather than earn the rewards by making plain earning so much more difficult to accomplish that it's no longer reasonable.

    I called this out last time. It's even more unfair than before and the more players allow ATA to be unfair the further they will push the envelope until the game is nothing but "gotta buy in to get anything. no money, no rewards."
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  15. I just don’t understand why there isn’t a way to earn more coins 🙃?
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  16. All reasonable points, however I see it as:
    - If the party is very long (for example: Enjoi J-Pop is the bane of my existence) you can also merc and hit LBH and still get those points super quick.
    - The pets thing I agree with, most people have pets that take over a week to upgrade, but for newer players, its nice because they usually have pets that can be upgraded in like an hour or even 5-15 minutes, so it’s really helpful for new players to be able to get avis.
    - PIMD is a free mobile game, if people choose to spend money on it that is fine and I think its perfectly okay for the reward to be that big because they’re choosing to spend money, but with all of these other options for getting points and seeing as its only 16 parties (and again- LBH is super helpful) I think it’s a pretty fair balance as long as you’re active.

    All good though, some people think its fair and others don’t, you can always make a forum with detailed feedback on how the XC can be improved and if enough people support it, you can let ATA know in a help ticket (make sure to leave a link to the forum!) and they can look into it.
    If you don’t want to make a forum, we also have the #feedback_suggestion channel in the Pimd Discord 👍🏼
  17. I don’t understand how you can only get 12 coins on the days the avis will be in the shop and the first avi is 55😭😭 Shes so pretty 😭😭😭😭 depression
  18. You can get 1 coin everyday, so plenty of coins to buy that avi. Just sad it’s not enough to buy more than 1 avi, hopefully we can keep the coins for another spring/summer avis in the future
  19. I will add something I missed from my previous post. Having those extra activities for points is a good thing for making up points with larger/tougher parties.

    My only problem with Daily XC now is the new threshold. The last one was honestly pushing reasonable, it wasn't excessive though.
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