Cultural Appropriation

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  1. Hailey be like "I stopped trick or treating at 18 cuz my parents made me"
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  2. They aren't broken, they just have better taste is sweets. My daughter likes to bake.

    It's funny, I leave their candy in a huge bag (sometimes 2 bags, we accumulate so much) in a cabinet under my counter. My kids barely touch it, but if their friends come over the friends get all wide eyed and will eat candy nonstop. It's like they've never seen so much candy. Meanwhile my kids are like, "Meh... I'm gonna make a sandwich."
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  3. ¿Que?
  4. Mexican, Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc.

    All not black.

    And to those of you playing COD saying it, "you're trifling."
  5. All of of those are Latine people. Hispanic just means they speak Spanish lol. Even Latine isn't a race though -- there are white Latines, Afro-Latines, etc. as Latine only refers to people that are from Latin America.

    Perhaps the race you're thinking of is a mixed race called mestizo/mestiza (white and indigenous), which is what the stereotypical Latine (Mexican in particular) person looks like.
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  6. Black people can be Hispanic though lol that’s why I said just saying anyone who isn’t black would have made more sense
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  7. You haven't been to where I live then.
  8. Afro Latin is when they're mixed, not just Latino. There's a huge difference
  9. Yeah, if they're mixed.
  10. I-
    Only mixed people with black heritage can speak Spanish...?

    Afro-Latines are the descendents of black slaves in Latin America. Some of them have mixed ancestry, but many of them are as black as any African American. The Latine part just means they're from Latin America. Hispanic means they speak Spanish.
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  11. 😑🤦🏻‍♀️ no.
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  12. Nope. There were lots of black ppl when I went to Colombia. Black ppl were imported as slaves all over south america, same as north america.
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  13. Wait, is this why in my lifetime, kids don't dress up and go trick or treating anymore? Because no costume is 100% politically correct and someone might get offended?
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  14. I'm from the southwest, and we have so many variations on what people call Mexican food. Down here it's just food, it varies a bit by the region. Tex-Mex even varies whether you're in Austin, Dallas, or El Paso. Being from Texas, I can say it's different than what they eat in Arizona or Colorado at Mexican restaurants. It's also not anything like what they eat in Mexico or Costa Rica, even though a lot of the ingredients are the same. And do you mean coastal Mexican or interior Mexican? It's not really a question, but I think y'all get what I mean. By the way, as a native Texan, I never actually say "y'all". 😂
  15. I also feel that even though I don't quite know what cultural appropriation is, if people become too offended, many of our favorite comedians would not exist. Think of our favorites who play on racial and cultural stereotypes like Dave Chapelle, Tyler Perry, and Sarah Silverman. It's 2am, don't make me think anymore.
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  16. I was just thinking don't take a Dallas girl away from her beef (get your mind outta the gutter) ever since we started talking about food. Vast plains of delicious cows definitely influence our food. Don't hate on me vegans, I see you buying soy taco "meat" too.
  17. They still do that tho? It might just be your neighborhood. Certain neighborhoods in my city have more trick or treating than others.
  18. That's not why we don't trick or treat, we don't celebrate satanic holidays.
  19. Yeah I’m also from Texas, raised in the panhandle and has lived in Dallas for the last 9 years. I’m also Mexican so while yes I can see how some would view it as “just food” I can also see how for some it’s their livelyhood and I’ve seen good authentic restaurants & good Mexican run Tex-mex restaurants close permanently because imitation chain restaurants took their business.
  20. No thank you