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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATABruce, Dec 2, 2016.

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  1. Only for people willing to spend lots ATA always favours the ones who spend #atagreed developers only care for the players who spend the new rooms r pathetic unless ur willing spend couple hundred bucks on a virtual room or game u get nothing - not my money
  2. Only 100 people should participate who know they can b in top 100..cuz for others theres nothing more than a kini..idk whats the mean of wasting time on this game?
  3. I m neither spending more money..nor playing it with fun as it was earlier..sorry ata ..but u guys are just running a business with too much greed..many other games are there in play store better than ur pimd and kaw..
  4. It sucks for people who don't make top 10
    Or 100 to be honest. The noobs try hard for something that's impossible really
  6. Are there daily stories for this one?

  7. Awesome!!!!!
  8. 10 100 top only ??????.....
  9. Why does the wolf have to be with a male, why not a female. Wolf girl. ?
  10. Go to hell..u fuck the shut up ata..i just waste my money here.thats y yelling..freaky bastards..go delete my account..i wont play anymore..foolish replies from u guys omg..keep going greedies
  11. Her arm would be bleeding if an owl was on it with no glove. Jussayin ?
  12. Oh YAY!

    Another round of avatars I won't be friggin getting..

  13. It's adorable hunt but no giftable rewards and other ava its quite hard too also boring to join this hunt ?
  14. Molly needs to shut down her Etsy store and step away from the Pinterest and leggings, seriously.
  15. Why aren't their anymore normal hunts? For people who cannot reach top 100 out of millions they need a normal hunt to get a lil PIMDBANK and upgrade themselves. This has become one sided
  16. u really don't understand the story stuff huh m8
  17. un  in  stall 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.