Could you maybe help explain how pricing works?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. hey, buy my lemonade for 2 bentos?
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  2. This is cool, just wish newer players were given a heads up on their introduction to the game that the forum exists so they could find stuff like this
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  3. I can do 26c if you want to sell. Plenty of them are beneath that
  4. Nah you said in this ridiculously long ss'd conversation that they are worth 2 bentos. Please buy my lemonade for 2 bentos since you priced them that way yourself.
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  5. You’re just so kind, Kefo. I think I spent too many years teaching new players to grow to 5088. I just have no patience left. (Now teach me to trade all the VIP avi stuff I have accumulated.)
  6. then why did you tell that poor noob that they are worth 2 bentos if you won't even buy them at that price
  7. Didn’t you try to charge me 18-20c for a “Futuramen” 150kcs item?-
  8. How do you expect me to buy cute 2mcs singles when you keep telling people they are worth more. Stahp
  9. I mean that item is rare-ish cause it’s older :0
  10. Because that's what they can go for. I wouldn't give you 20c for the hotdogs either.

    And I don't buy for prices I sell at.
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  11. You've traded with me 4x recently. You were happy with those trades. Bit weird that when you want to devalue an item of mine and disagree with a price, you conveniently take the opportunity to moralize.

    Also wack to only mention its stats when 3 things matter. Rarity, aesthetic value, and stats. Weebs and ramen lovers love that stuff. People would collect ramen. It fits in that collection. It can sell for that much.
  12. why didn't you explain to her that literally no one, including yourself, will buy for the price that you just stated
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  13. I have traded with you before and I was later informed after the fact that you overpriced the items 👀
    But oh well, it happens ;^)

    My point is that you have far-fetched prices yet you’re trying to help new players with pricing.
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  14. Not 18-20c type-rare 💀
    It’s all good now though, I bought from someone else.
  15. Bad take.
  16. The market doesn't depreciate items because people don't understand how the market works tho...the majority decide how much an item is valued at, not one person such as yourself. It's kind of ridiculous that a lot of pimd members turn to you to decide what the prices on things are
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  17. Ignorance is a big factor. I mean once upon a time, cuteness was mostly irrelevant. Now it can account for over a half of an item's value to some people.

    Perspectives influence the value. Some perspectives contain more or less considerations. But they do tend to be simplified and allow for exploitation, at least in my own experience buying items.

    Ur right it is ridiculous but I've heard that developers have posted or endorsed price guidelines which are based exclusively on stats and I'm trying to simply counteract that assertion and give people more confidence to trade.
  18. I told her I'd offer 6c for an item that can sell for a bento and that people would accept.

    I don't know what part of "depending on perspective, an item could be worth 1c or 1🍱" is unclear. The fact is that someone might one day accept that deal. It isn't as far-fetched as the offers we get from people who ask to buy lil demon or mood ring for a bento .

    The sheer state of devaluation in the market and how widespread it is is a far worse a problem than this.

    That is where my target is set. My adding a bit here and there where you think it might be a bit exaggerated is not a big issue. Take a break.