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  1. ALRIGHT. Here we go lol

    Also Trump is passing a act/bill whatever to give us more than $1000 for all adults.
    He denied the severity of this pandemic for WEEKS. Spread false information. & has withheld critical equipment from hospitals that need it. Also, not ALL adults, MOST adults.

    Also, Obama gave us nothing...
    If by “nothing” you mean he didn’t hand out checks then you’re right, but he wasn’t president during a pandemic so.... what exactly should he have handed out money for?

    This is one of those moments to be proud to be American
    Our president literally within the last week said, and I quote... “The world loves America. Most of it, probably all of it, they just won’t say it.” He makes this country look like a joke.

    The virus isn't deadly.
    This virus is killing at a higher rate than the flu. Although that might not seem like a big deal to you, it is for the people who are at risk of dying from it. People who refuse to understand that and don’t follow guidelines help pass it along to the people more at risk.

    we'll find a cure like we did with Ebola, which was actually deadly... to EVERYBODY.
    This part was by far my favorite lol There isn’t a cure for Ebola. Also, there were less than 20 cases of Ebola in the US, 2 of them died.

  2. All I gotta say is...

    TRUMP 2020!
  3. China claiming all their new Covid cases are imported ....poor China being brainwashed by the government 😷
    Wash your hands
    Keep ur distance
    Stay home!
  4. You’re joking though right? Please tell me that as an intelligent adult you don’t genuinely believe that would be a good idea?
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  5. She isn't joking.
  6. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. I was hoping Kanye. When does black jesus jump in and save the day
  8. I completely believe that most things Julie says are a mixture of her own personal thoughts but reworded to be said in the most shocking way and at least 20% sarcasm/satire. She recognizes the ludicrousness of some of what she says and is done on purpose.
  9. Agreed, but there isn't much embellishment on "Trump 2020".
  10. 😂 Trump isn’t giving shit. I love how you are buying into this bullshit. I’m an uni student. So I’m an adult. And yet you clearly said ALL adults. Wrong. Adults who are labeled as dependents don’t get a penny.
  11. She's going for shock value
  12. This is true...but I really am voting for Trump
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  13. Same thing happened to me. I was in college last time the government gave out a stimulus. I was salty about it at the time, because I both worked & went to school full time. But looking back on it, I'm over it. Life throws you curve balls sometimes. Nothing you can do but keep on keeping on.
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  14. Obama did nothing for his people. That's my issue with him. I don't expect you to understand...

    You sound ungrateful, the president you dislike so much is taking action and giving you money and I know you qualify unless... you're someone's dependent...?

    The virus isn't deadly. Do you know why the virus is spreading so fast? You've probably never been in a men's restroom but... they're not washing their hands yet they touch everything. The virus maybe deadly to the elderly and people with weak immune systems, but so is the flu and many other things.

    Also, check NBC news about the last Ebola case. I worded that wrong. I'll let that be a reliable source.
  15. Sorry, I didn't mean to defend anyone still being taken care of by a parent or legal guardian.

    The word "adult" is loosely used as it means "a person who is fully grown or developed... so let's use "non dependents of a certain age."

    I'm not buying into any bullshit. They can feel free to hit my hand😂 I'm just going to spend it on silly shit you people normally spend your rent and debts on anyways😂😂
  16. “His people” being... Americans? Agree to disagree on that. It’s ok.
    There are people dying that are neither elderly nor with week immune systems. This virus is not yet totally understood. The spread of the virus is not solely from men’s restrooms.
    And no, I don’t have to check NBC news because the W.H.O. Is still helping to fight Ebola in other countries. And I’m a nurse, I worked in a hospital during the Ebola scare in the US. You speak on topics you don’t know enough about. You shouldn’t take anything you hear on the news as truth. Look into it, learn about it. You sound stupid.
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  17. I hate when you nurses think you know more than scientists, doctors and researchers... y'all sound retarded. You accompany a doctor, right or wrong? What do you do when a patient tests positive for Coronavirus?

    Of course it's not solely spread from men's bathrooms... the point is, many people don't wash their hands... or their ass for that matter💀💀 The virus spreads through pathogens, right or wrong? And of course legit almost anyone can get it. You suck at twisting words around.

    People are still walking their dogs and there's been cases where animals have gotten it too, right or wrong?

    Just because your opinion and your lack of knowledge and respect for someone's opinion... doesn't mean that you are right. You don't have to agree with me, but you don't know everything like you claim you do.
  18. “you nurses”? LOL
    Are you one of those scientist doctors or researchers? Or are you still just trying to find a way to make up for spewing false information? An opinion is one thing, making false statements is another. Get it together 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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  19. While I agree that yeah in the majority of cases it's the elderly or immunocompromised dying, and that everyone should be washing their hands a ton, it's not just because people don't wash their hands frequently, it's also because this kinda virus when you talk, sneeze or cough can spread (I think up to 20 or 40ft?) and stays in the air for hours, which is why people should also be wearing masks. I also don't think she was trying to say she knows everything about Ebola or Coronavirus, but that she's probably more knowledgeable than the average person about this as she works directly with patients. People shouldn't be saying "only this and that happens" with this virus as it's misleading for those who don't keep up with the news and what scientific and medical professionals say. 🤷‍♀️
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