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  1. I believe so. I put it into Google and it said 8am PST so that would make sense for it to be 11am EST
  2. [​IMG]
    Thank you so much for helping fix the entry
  3. 17th 10:59est yep
  4. My package of usual hair and facial spa not arrived yet 😭 so I just took photos of the remaining spa things I have

    For this one, I re-create the tube myself from Pringles tube ( I'm trying to be eco-friendly here please don't judge it's design βœ‹πŸ»πŸ˜”)

    I just bought this 3 days ago and I found it cute πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

    For the handmade spa, I use this. Aloe vera. Yes, me and my mom since Covid-19 planted so many plants including this one because we don't have to spend money on buying skincare, a bit hard to get some cash on this pandemic we love nature 🌱🌿

    We only have this plant for now unfortunately, but we usually use this to facial or hair mask

    Thank you mods for hosting this contest, to remind me that I should take a rest since I'm busy doing thesis now (I need to graduate soon, good luck to myself 😭❀)
    And good luck to everyone who participating on this contest πŸ€
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  5. πŸ’šabout 2 hours and 26 minutes left to get your entries in
  6. 🀩 Oh i love this
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  7. self care ✨
  8. Man some of y’all’s pics are so fancy and I straight up considered putting a pack of instant ramen in my pic LMAO
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  10. Glad you love it hun 🀧
  11. Gimme that pic of instant ramen it's called stomach spa kit βœ‹πŸ»πŸ˜”
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  12. Hey guys! The submission of entries is now officially closed. We will announce the winners soon πŸ’š good luck to everyone! πŸ’š

  13. What is this floofy white thing? I need.

  14. oooh girl we both like lush and the ordinary and anti cellulite brushes. We the sameeeee 😍
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  15. Everything about this photo, including the fancy looking power strip, looks luxurious as hecc
  16. damn, I'm late for this contest πŸ˜” hope there will be more like this 😊
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