[Contest]- Poem/Love Letters

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  1. Dearest, Anonymous

    I did not know love til I knew you.
  2. Dearest of mine

    my heart is filled to overflowing
    with every pastel shade of you
    blues and aquamarines,
    roses and soft lilacs
    all combine to display a true work of art

    everything about you creates a picture
    you are my Monet in an art exhibit
    hanging upon a gallery wall
    my blue ribbon prize, my winning entry
    could not have created a better portrait with my paints
  3. to Him,

    thank you for breathing
    life into stone.
    for sculpting a heart of
    unmoving clay
    and allowing it to beat once more.

    thank you for loving me.
  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Aye lmao you cute,
    I think I might ask you out.
    I hope you give me a chance,
    For I can turn that frown upside down.
  5. You are everything I wanted and more.

    My nights were once full of darkness and now they have light.

    You are my moon which shines so bright.

    And our children are my stars.

    No matter how far you are, no matter the hour of the day.

    you are everything I wanted and more and baby I’m here to stay 😘❤️.
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  6. Winners?👀
  7. Who won❤️👀
  9. Lovely lovely dressed in white, shining like moon in night.
    Her presence make mike sadness to laughter,
    Her presence make my heartbeat faster.
    She is the goal that destiny has set,
    I love a girl whom I never met.
  10. It's people like this who try to trash talk works of art💯😂😂
  11. Dearest,@TRAP_N_DoTheStabbyStabBangBang

    You lame , out my face
    Thunder storm ,Rain on yo parade
    Ion love a hoe ,but you okay
    And when in down in out , you save my day
  12. Ima cry I just read someone else😭
  13. I forgot about this. They never announced the winners 👀 if there were any
  14. There is a separate post for the winners
  15. Ah
  16. Stick and stones may hurt my bones
    But your words always excite me
    I still hunger for you to say that you like me
    So please tell me that you love me
    Shout to the world that I'm yours
    May my want of you seep into every pore
  17. Dear lover,
    I saw darkness before I met death,
    I started to trust people, but they never stayed..
    I tried to escape but couldn’t..
    But when you came into my life,
    Darkness left and Light started to show.

    All heartaches and tears when I bowed down and pray

    As time goes by you suddenly came

    You put me out of haze and tears were saved

    All thanks to God, you were my answered prayer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.