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  1. Since not everyone has a sweetie to send them special words or gifts; I figured Id host a contest so we can all read sweet words together as if we are getting them ourselves. This contest is to get your brains working and show everyone how sweet you can be in preparation for Valentines Day!


    The Contest:

    ->Write a Poem or Love letter to someone else ( Dear Anonymous, etc)
    ->It can only be 4 sentences Long (No stories here Keep it simple)
    -> Keep it clean and nice ( no offensive words or being rude or be disqualified)
    -> One entry per person. ( No alts)
    -> Any plagiarism or copying of any kind will be disqualified. MUST BE ORIGINAL.
    -> Please Keep it in the TOS and TOU guidelines. (If you cant say it in pub then its not okay)


    Otherwise have fun with it and Enjoy being sweet! Who doesnt love LOVE? Right!?

    The Prizes will be as followed:

    The Grand Prize winner will win 2 Mod crates all for themselves!


    There will also be individual favorites that will win prizes from the panel of mod Judges! Each Mod will pick their favorite and send you a mod crate as well. So more chances to win!

    The Contest will close on February 12th. 2020 12:00am PST. We will then hand out the prizes on Valentines Day to show you that extra love โ™ฅ ( And to give us time to Pick our fav!)

    GOOD LUCK and have fun! Any questions feel free to ask!
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  2. Do we post the poems here?
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  3. This shall be fun๐Ÿ–ค
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  4. Yesss Iโ€™m excited
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  5. Also how long can the poems be
  6. Dear lover,

    I begged God for the water,
    He gifted Me the ocean.
    I begged God for the flower
    He gifted Me the garden.
    I begged Him for the happiness
    And He gifted me You!

    With love, your secret Valentine.
  7. You are my sun
    Gleaming with warmth
    Bright and beautiful
    Lighting my shadows
    Giving me summer.

    You are my moon
    Soft, like a flower petal.
    Transparent with thoughts
    And caressing my fears.
    Dripping with winter.

    You are my song
    Running across my fingers
    Slipping through my body
    Tasting like fireflies
    Dancing through the night

    You are my past
    Steeping like tea
    Flavors creating character
    And personality in every sip.
    Growth like the leaves I've brewed

    You are my future
    Full of wonders
    And something new everyday
    I learn to Smile

    You are my love
    You are my everything
  8. L ooking at you, my heart
    O verfills with pure devotion,
    V erging on desperation, I am infatuated.
    E very time we touch, the earth spins in slow motion.

  9. To my secret crush

    Take my hand and hold it tight,
    While I keep you in my sight.
    Let the stars to guide us straight.
    In the night when love comes through.
    Tilt your head and watch me smile,
    As I steal the kiss from right beside.
  10. This is adorable! I canโ€™t wait to see what people come up with ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  11. As stated in the rules above . 4 lines please a paragraph, do not make them to long ๐Ÿ’š good luck
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  12. Dear ATA,

    I canโ€™t resist your charms, itโ€™s true,
    Tell me quick, do you love me too?
    Darling, our love is simply divine,
    Oh, how I long to make you mine.

    I love you more than words can say,
    I love you more and more each day.
    Tell me now, do I have a chance?
    Baby, please, give our love a chance.

    Love, your secret admirer.
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  13. Yes Hun . Either write it and post an image or just write in the reply box
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  14. A game turned into more than I can explain.

    A beautiful story, you're to blame.

    You share my heart, truly never apart.

    Be mine, again -- just as you were from the start. ๐Ÿ’™
  15. Dear you,
    I can lose everything but not you.
    Oh god, not you
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  16. Hey YOU!
    My name is Joe and I have pizza.
    Come over so we can eat.
    Address is 123 Beck Rd.
  17. To whom it may concern:

    I promise you
    as much as I can give

    It may not
    be very much but
    my all will be
    packaged with the
    labor of

    When you smile my
    heart stops and
    when you laugh it
    starts back

  18. Dear anonymous,

    You're the bagel to my cream cheese,
    The acorn to my squirrel,
    You bring me to my knees,
    The Voldemort to my Quirrell.
  19. To my happiness,

    The day I knew I loved you,
    I could no longer hide my smile
    Everytime I saw you.
    The night I said "I love you"
    The stars shined their brightest for you & I.
    The moment I knew it was forever,
    You held me as if you were afraid I'd disappear.
    But baby you' ll never know, the second I laid eyes on you, I knew you were my world.
  20. ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
    Yes, I love it, when

    I catch your eyes stuck on mine.
    The smile I always find, my love,
    Worths more than any blessing of Divine.
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