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  1. .[​IMG]

    Scrolling through the RS gifts the other day had me thinking-- We really need new RS gifts!💡Then I thought-what a fun and amazeballs contest that would be! Luckily, a few mods & devs thought so as well and here we are! :D



    Design a item that you would like to see in the Couple's Secret Shop, also known as the RS Gift Shop.

    Players may upload more than 1 design, though for fairness each player can only win ONCE.

    All designs must follow the TOS/Code of Conduct.

    Your IGN must be clearly written next to your design

    *All artwork must be original to the contestant. Any work found plagiarized is automatically disqualified*


    Any kind of visual-type medium: pencil, pen, paint, clay, paper crafts, charcoal, pastels, digital, etc... Basically we want to see your hand-designed creative ideas.
    If you like, you may include which medium(s) you used in your design but it's not required. :)


    Submission Deadline:

    All entries must be submitted by Noon PST on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020


    The Top 5 Designs Will Win:

    2 MOD Crates

    1 PiMD Crate

    & Fame of course!

    *BONUS: The Top 5 Winning Designs Will Be Created AND Implemented Into Game!!!


    #DoesHappyDance :p :cool:

    Important Things to Note

    The winning designs will be used as an inspiration and may not be an exact replica of the submitted entry. This means they will be redrawn and if necessary, adjusted to fit in line with PiMD's art style.

    Contestants are giving up their intellectual property to ATA when submitting their entry. As such, by entering our contest, you acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or property interest in the design you are submitting. You further acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to the entry are and shall forever be owned by and inure to the benefit of A Thinking Ape.

    Please also note that it may take a few weeks for the winning designs to be introduced in game.

    How to Upload your Designs

    1. Make sure you have either a .png or .jpg version of your Design. If it is physical art, simply take a photograph. If it is digital, save it as an image.​
    2. Post the image to Imgur or any of the other image apps/sites​
    3. Once uploaded, right click on your image and select 'Copy Image Address'
      • usually you can hold down on the image and it will give you the option​
      • If not, there is probably a button somewhere for the link​
    4. Start a reply to this thread and hit the photo icon​
    5. Paste the Image Address and hit Input[​IMG]
    **Please refer to the updated section below if still having issues with your uploads**

    Voting Rules

    Voting Rules will be explained in a separate forum post, after contest concludes :)

    What's Left?

    That's about it! Go forth and create! I know we cannot wait to see your creations/ideas!!




    There seems to be a snafu on how to upload images, so I took the time to create this cheat myself. It should work with either Android or iPhone. :p


    Hopefully that makes more sense, Personally, I am more of a visual person so I find images help me tremendously :p

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  2. YAS!!!! I know what i am doing on my lunch break!

    So excited 😆
  3. Glad you are excited! So am I! lol
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  4. I have an idea, but I don’t want to really draw it out 😂 since you’ll change the drawing up anyways.. can we just share a “text” idea?

  5. Unfortunately No, In order to be considered a winner for the contest, your submission must follow the instructions and be artistically created via the options above. However if you still want to "txt" your idea, you can, just know it will not be considered in this specific contest.
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  6. Sounds fun!!! I will say though -- Tinypic doesn't exist anymore so you might want to remove that from your list of image-sharing websites. :)
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  7. N
    Noice Observation 🤓
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  8. Also this isn't the best because I'm not really an artist, digital nor physical, but here's a rough representation of what I'd like:

    A Text From Your RS

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  9. Oops! 🙈 I knew there was a reason I usually just stuck with Imgur 😅🙈🙈 Noted. Ty Muschi 😂❤️
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  10. Ik I'm not the best but I tried. 💕
    Looking forward to see the drawings of the real artist here! 😍
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Love thesee🥰🥰
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  12. [​IMG] I’m at work rn and when I get home I’ll make it look better but here’s a rough sketch because I wanna claim the idea.
  13. [​IMG]
    Book of Adventures

    Inspiration from the movie “Up.” 💖
  14. [​IMG] Why is it not popping up I’m gonna cry
  15. You are using the wrong Imgur link. Press and hold on the image then open in new tab. The link will end in .png or .jpg as explained in the original post.
  16. Okay I love this. 🤧💕
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  17. [​IMG] Third times the charm??
  18. [​IMG]
    don't mind my handwriting :( but this is just a new concept of an rs gift that i thought about!
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