[Contest] Guess My Puppies' Names!

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  1. Hey guys! It's Hailey.

    Earlier this month, on March 7th, my family and I said goodbye to our Scout (pictured below). He was 13 years old and had been struggling for over a year with a degenerative spinal disease, and it had become clear that it had been taking a severe toll on his mental and physical wellbeing. We opted to put him to sleep and he passed away peacefully surrounded by us all.


    Then, on March 8th and March 9th, we got not one, but two puppies (pictured below) we rescued from local shelters! They molded into our family and each other almost immediately and thus far have truly assisted in our grief over losing Scout.


    The sable colored one on the left of both pictures is almost 5 months old, and he is a German Shepherd / Shetland Sheepdog mix. The black-and-tan on the right is 8 months old and is a German Shepherd / Miniature Pinscher mix.

    What are their names, you may be asking. Well, if you read the title of this thread (as most of you probably did), I'm holding a contest for you guys to guess their names!

    Don't worry -- I'm not going to make you guess from scratch! There's a lot of names out there.

    I'll be providing two hints:
    1.) They are both boys and have masculine names.
    2.) Both names are four letters long.

    Note: You don't have to guess which name matches which dog. Just guess without applying the names to a specific dog. That'll make it a bit easier for all involved.

    And to lay down some ground rules:
    1.) Only 5 guesses per person.
    2.) Please do not use alts to get more guesses.
    3.) Don't guess if you are one of the handful of people that I've already introduced them to!
    4.) If you guess one correctly, you cannot continue guessing to try to get the other one. You get a prize and then you're out.
    5.) Rules may be adjusted and added upon as I see fit.

    The contest will run until both names are guessed correctly. I may provide more hints if the contest ends up dragging on, or allowing more guesses per person. It depends. I'm flexible.

    Oh, and what are the prizes? Well, I might add onto this if I feel like it but as of right now each correct guesser will receive 1x Bowl of Cat each. Subject to additions. Prize donations will not be accepted, so please don't inquire.

    Let the guessing begin! Good luck.
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  2. Hmm I’ll guess Duke and Milo?
  3. Neither of those, but both of those were names we considered! You got 3 guesses left. :D (You don't have to use 'em right away... maybe wait for more incorrect guesses to roll in!)
  4. I say Tank and Zeus?
  5. RIP Scout 💖 to good boi heaven he goes
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  6. Rip bb scout ❤️ soggy legend
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  7. RIP Scout you are missed sweet pupper
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  8. Neither of those! 3 more guesses for you.
    Nope! You have 4 more guesses.
    Nope! 4 more guesses for you.
  9. Coco and zero
  10. Spot and Pips
  11. Neither of those. 1 more guess!
    Neither of those. 3 more guesses for you!
    Nope. 4 more guesses for you!
  12. Finn and Joey
  13. Neither of those. You got 3 more guesses.
  14. thor and loki 🤭
  15. Hugo
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  16. Beau? 😂 I'm horrible at these things
  17. Hank. Jack. Jake. Rudy. Cody.