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  1. [​IMG]


    Love drawing your favorite anime characters? No?
    Because that's what this contest is about!

    Oh, you DO love drawing your favorite anime character? Well stay tuned and see how you can win some healthy mod crates (healthy means you may or may not be able to get an extra life for consuming said crate)!


    When posting your art, PLEASE post proof! How?

    When drawing traditionally (on paper, canvas, poster, etc):

    • Post your art with a note-card and your PiMD username on it (adding the art supplies you used is extra proofs)
    When drawing digitally:
    • Take a picture of your screen with a note-card and your PiMD username on it with the picture in the background
    • Do the same as said above but include your layers next to it
    • Don't use multiple layers? Show your progress with photo's showcasing the journey
    • Drawn on your phone? Please provide screenshots of the layers (ss of the progress as you draw if you use one layer)
    Post your own work!!
    Edits of an already existing photo are not allowed. Posting someone else's work can and will get you automatically disqualified (relying on you tech-savvy ones to be the amazing detectives you are <3).

    One entry per person.
    Yes, yes. It's impossible to just want to draw ONE of your favorite characters but that's just how it be. If you can't decide who to draw, do the first one you thought of when reading this post! Or eenie meenie miney mo.
    First Place: 3 Mod Crates
    Second Place: 2 Mod Crates
    Third Place: 1 Mod Crate

    There also may or may not be a few mod crates for mod favorite(s) and 2 PiMD crates for dev favorite(s). Heheh..


    After completing your work, I (Ulquiorra) personally recommend posting the photo and your proofs on imgur. Once you do, just follow these steps:


    Repeat this process if you are posting several photos.

    You do not need to download the imgur app for this. Just use the desktop version on your phone browser if the website doesn't permit you to use it. Once you have your link, come on back over into the PiMD app and post your submission!

    Q: When does the contest end?
    A: This contest goes from June 2nd to June 11th - 5pm PST

    Q: Who do I contact regarding inquires about the contest?
    A: This contest is being run by
    Ulquiorra and -SakuraHime-

    (press the names to go to the profiles)

    UPDATE: The type of character that can be drawn can be either:
    - A character from a manga/anime
    - JRPG
    - Or just in the general "anime" style
    • Please credit any artist you may be referencing if it's something like an OC

    When posting, please detail what their name is and where/what they're from!

    Please note that this forum is subject to change at any point in time for any reason.
    A notice of any changes will be noted above and posted in the replies below.
  2. Noice uwu
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  3. Amazing! I have zero art skillz and the only "anime" I'm into is ATLA so I'll probably sit this one out. Someone draw Toph on my behalf.
  4. I agree with this. Toph is best character.

    And prepare to hear the thing every artist screams at beginners and even professionals...

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  5. love this 🥺 not yet good at drawing but ill definitely try 🥰🥰
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  6. Looks fun 👀
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  7. I'll probably do a couple if allowed and I'll include my best Toph for you XD
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  8. Anime 😍😍
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  9. oooo seems fun
  10. I love this idea!

    But picking just one character oof.
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  11. I think I already have an idea of the character I will draw 😍🌸
  12. So we can't use reference?
  13. iStan and would do but you know my drawing skills are horrible. 😔✋ I’ll be cheering from the shadows.

    I so proud of you for le hosting Ulq ilysm. 🥳💚
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  14. I think we can look at something but not just straight copy over it and call it yours
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  15. I absolutely encourage references! The only things against the rules is posting someone else's art as your own/tracing or making just an edit of an artwork that already exists. Things like that.

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  16. Does it have to be an anime character?
  17. Hmm... I initially had the goal of making this for specific anime characters but if someone wants to just draw in an "anime style" then we can accept that. Give more space for creativity. The general theme is anime that isN't plAGiaRizEd.
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  18. I have never drawn in anime style- but i am up for the challenge (THANKS GRAEY).

    i kinda wanna draw an anime character realistically BUT i will just draw in anime style (it will probably look more like a comic book but we will see. Haha)
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