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  1. Lol did you guys download the app at first because the interface looked so mature? The old interface was not so kids-friendly because it was hard to navigate and most of you couldn't even tell that it was a game?
  2. Pointing it out lol, all these screenshots where on a Jailbroken iPhone xD
  3. Looks like a setback instead of a step forward
  4. Nice battery, 69% haha
  5. The oooold version is still better nothing was wrong with it.
  6. I can't wit yell o be there it is going on like popcorn
  7. This isn't a kids game you noob.
  8. The manager was so mean we had to do whatever she said
  9. The topic is WC is already no kids-friendly, which is why there is an age limit on here. Better for kids to not understand how to play and give us back our phones rather than make their own account and follow someone who clearly doesn't care how old you are in a bad way.
  10. Nope, not jailbroken.
  11. ÓźčSavage pimd_comunity
  12. Also, for those of you who continue to voice reservations, we hope that once you get this in your hands and get a chance to play around with it you'll see things differently.

    It's new and different, and many people aren't good at accepting change initially. Just look at the outrage every time Facebook changes the smallest little thing. Though after the shock of this being new is over, hopefully you'll find the changes for the better.

  13. @pimd_c ? your approach is not realistic ... Fb is a website and pimd is just on droid platform ui matters I believe ...
  14. Yes. Change the icon already!
  15. ?

  16. The problem with this is that if we give it a chance, use it and still don't like it, you'll do nothing about it. THAT is the real issue.
  17. Look I support this new change. I think it's awesome. No I don't want this to be a dating site but a new update would be nice.
  18. I had it in my hand and had it as beta but nope still didn't change my mind.
    All the new avatars are already made for the new layout so it'll come no matter what anyone says. We see history repeat itself again and again. The vocal minority will never count and you apes will never consider your customer's feedback. Just cut the crap and finally admit it.
  19. Guys, Just stop. Its not that bad of a setup. But your right, ata should change the icon :lol:
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