[COMING SOON] A Brand New Look!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. I think you should make the color scheme an option. So we can choose the color we want because myself, I hate the color purple and im sure other people do as well and I would like to change mine to a grey or pink. Others would like different colors. I dont like the layout but this would be a good way to keep players a bit happy about this new update
  4. I must say there has been countless threads about details ATA should consider into PIMD. Ones I Farley remember is The ability to send multiple gifts, Multiple unfollow buttons, Notifications for tutor chat, etc. I would love to see these dealt with in the very near future. They would simplify the games aspects to users new and old. And I believe you'd receive a better feedback then changing a layout and some colors. ️
  5. :lol: ATA Wot?
  6. Then how would dvp work, :shock:?
  7. Rp players and desperate players will like these changes -game turn into a rp/dateline- lol -ata seem to like the date line stuff-more wars please - this becoming a sissy game js ??
  8. Well said.
  9. Still cringe when I look at it. ?
  10. Can you change the app icon picture ?? Instead of having that girl?
  11. I love fries!!!
  12. This is sooooooo awesome
  13. Waiting.........
  14. Seriously what happened to this game? ATA never listens to the community anymore and every update makes this game more and more childlike. The hunts have made it so boring, most people I know don't even play anymore because it's so monotonous and ATA does nothing to fix it. Actually, on the contrary, they ignore everything people want in favor of making this app more and more child friendly. This layout looks like my 7 year old god daughter's games. Seriously.
  15. That sucks Dont do it
  16. I guess I'm like the only one that prefers the new look ? better than keeping this same old one
  17. Lowkey waiting to see how this actually looks in first hand.....
  18. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.