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  1. Hi friends. I've just had a thought.

    So I'm sure most of us has had our fair share of club hopping. I know I've done it more than a dozen.. hundred times. 🌚

    If you're a frequent hopper or someone who goes to another club once in a while, do you introduce yourself or announce your presence? Or do you just be a spooky ghost and not saying anything?

    Whenever I join a new club, I like to announce myself 🌚 This is what I like to usually do:

    Walk into the club like Whats up? i got a big

    Anyways, if you don't really club hop often and just like to stay in 1 club, there's no doubt you might see a new person in your club.

    That being said, how do you welcome a potentially new member? Or do you just stay silent and plot their untimely pimd demise. 🌚

    Enlighten me pls. 🌚
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  2. When new people join i say welcome. If they talk i talk back. If they dont i i jt leave them to it. If they leave then idc will just get other people
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  3. Is it just welcome or do you like to adjust it.
  4. Just it. Dont needa more words
  5. I only talk in cc if someone says something that interests me...which is hardly every anymore
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  6. Ghost mode all day 🌚
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  7. 2spooky5me
  8. I said hi to you when you joined my club for lbh the other day n you insta left πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚
  9. Sorrrrrryyyyyyy....I don't even open cc usually 🀣

    I'll just return your hi now
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  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You algoodz
  11. Idk people just say hi first regardless and I’m just me so idk
  12. I used to be more active in cc. My old rs and I used to club hop to different rp clubs for shits n gigs but lost are the days when I would introduce myself and role-playing eating yogurt in the corner.

    Just ghosting now.... but maybe still eating yogurt in the corner
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  13. How do I find admins in different time zones?
  14. recruit and get to know your members.
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  15. I don't talk unless I see someone I recognize or the conversation interests me.
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  16. Yeah I feel like when I was consistently hopping, I'd mostly just get on to hit. Now that I'm helping admin, I do like to be pretty chatty and welcome people.

    Still miss the days of hopping rp clubs with people like @RoseMilkTea said though, those were the good ol days lol
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  17. I talked most when I was a club president. Otherwise I say hi and then don't talk much unless I'm bored and someone else is talking
  18. Depends on my mood or why I'm club hopping. Recently I've been hopping last bars to get more pet capsules and I typically jut pop in and pop out. Sometimes I don't even check cc at all cause I'll be doing something else irl or other times someone will specifically say hi & I'll say hi back.

    Other times, I club hop for longer periods of time and spend a bit longer at clubs in general instead of just hopping for last bars. I typically talk in those cases.
  19. 🌝 I hop sometimes, and stay for weeks if I like that club, well I usually say "Whalecum" πŸ˜”πŸ––πŸΌand if that person is interesting enough we usually have convo on cc how Ocean is full of whalecumπŸ˜” it's gross k Bai.
    Anyway I'm active on cc as hell, I'm talkative afπŸ₯΄
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  20. Being active on cc makes gameplay more fun anyway imo 🌚