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    My Filipino Childhood
    Spoopy Memoirs๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ

    When I was A kid Adults would always tell us scary stories for us to believed in, so that we would not be naughty kids roaming around at night.

    One story is about a white van that stops besides children and kidnaps them to kill them and offer their blood as foundation to structures like bridges. They also said that it was the one thing that makes old bridges last for generations. The blood of those fallen victims from the so called white van.

    There were also plenty of stories about mythical creatures wandering in the dark as well. Like the Manananggal a creature that is able to cut her body at night. Half of the body the waist down is left out in a safe place (because it is their weakness) while the other upper half grow wings like that of a bat and fly at night. This half would prey on and eat children and rip their heart out if they are seen outside at night. Regarding their weakness the lower half of their body spreading salt on the guts would prevent them from getting back their body into one. Eventually defeating them and killing them if they didn't got their body whole when sunrise.

    Also the 'Tiktik' are kinda like Aswangs but they have long tongue in which they use to swoon unborn children from their mother womb. Whenever, there is a pregnant woman they would be out for the hunt and would heard them 'tik'tik'tik' by the rooftop preying for them. They can also shipshape into cats and other animals but we have the thing called "Buntot Pagi or a Tail of a Stingray" this keeps them off at bay. For one hit from this item would be critical for them.

    Next is the "Nuno sa punso" which are commonly known as dwarves. There are two type of them the white dwarf and the black dwarf. The white one is nice and would give luck or healing to anyone who they think is worthy of such. Meanwhile, the black one is very evil and would play tricks and bring misfortunes such as uncurable illness to those who gets in their way. Nonetheless the Elders told us whenever we see or walked passed by their homes (which is a pile of dried cracked dirt) anywhere we should be respectful to them and say "Tabi Tabi po" in English excuse me. Because if we leave them at peace they would also be at peace with us also.

    Welp, thats all folks I hope you enjoyed reading there are more mythical creatures I didn't spoke off because it might have gotten too long.


  2. ๐ŸŽƒSpooky Shorts๐ŸŽƒ

    Graveyard shift. I thought it was just because of the time. But I was dead wrong.

    Training tired the hell out of me. I didn't think it would drain me physically and mentally to train from 9pm until 6am but I have to make do. Offer was good. It's hard to pass this kind of opportunity. Suck it up buttercup.

    The so-called lunch break was at 1am and catered but today, i guess they made it too early. It was bubbly and didn't smell so good anymore, so my co-trainees and I had to run to McDonald's and order whatever. That's the only place open at this hour ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ aside from KFC but then that is more than 24 blocks away. Not worth the walk.

    We got back too early so we waited out on building ground. I sat on the bench and Allen sat beside me.


    Yeah. Sucks we had to go out.

    Agreed. Wanna get some coffee at Coffee Bean?

    Nah. Ill pass. Slept 10am because of that yesterday morning.

    Allen, chuckling:
    Ah, good choice.

    Companionable silence came which was typically normal between the two of us. There's nothing much to talk about anyway. Then...

    Allen, looking up:
    Do you see that?

    See what?

    Allen, not taking his sight off what he's looking at:
    Look up.

    **** Is that a face? With no eyes? How? Thats not possible! The escalator doesn't even...

    So you see it too huh?

    Me, paling:
    **** yeah!

    NOTE:Name has been changed for the privacy of my friend.

    Got carried away reconciling payments and invoices again! I should pay better attention at the time. Gosh, it's almost 9pm, I need to rush to the bus stop.

    Arriving at the bus stop made me groan. The queue is longer than the queue for the blockbuster movie. I better head over the bus stop before this.

    Walking to the next stop 2 blocks away made me aware of my surroundings. Way too many people still waiting to get home except at this area. Right in front of the unfinished skyscraper. I wonder why?

    I looked at the building. There, I saw. A white entity. Entity. Not a ghost. Can't be a ghost. It's glowing somewhat. Blinked twice, it's gone.

    What was it? I don't know. My friend Allen claims it's a fairy. Guarding the building. I said whatever it was, I hope not to see it again.

    NOTE:Name has been changed for the privacy of my friend.

    I hate Mondays! There's just too much to catch up on and too much on my plate. I just can't seem to have enough time during Mondays. But today, today is different.

    Boss already told me he won't be coming to the office because his meetings will be in another business district. It will be too much of a hassle if he comes today so the documents for signature will have to wait for tomorrow. Rush or no rush.

    This day couldn't get any worse.

    Murphy seemed to think otherwise.

    Been a few hours since I've visited the restroom so I stood up and went to the common restroom (we don't have one inside our office). I did my thing and went back.
    As I passed the stairs going up to the 4th floor, something seemed to catch my attention. I turned and saw a kid peeking from the upstairs looking at me. I blinked. It was gone.

    No one needed to tell me twice. I rushed back to my office, shut my computer down and grabbed my things. Closed my eyes while locking up and rushed downstairs.

    Guard on duty and maintenance personnel at the lobby looked at me as i ran towards them and asked if I saw. I stared dumbfounded at them. They looked at each other and told me.

    Guard on Duty:
    There's a kid upstairs who always come out at night so be wary when you're on overtime. He likes to play.


    All three are true accounts that happened to me personally a few years back. Again, these are my truths that I had come to accept for myself. I hope you enjoyed my shorts! Have a great day and always, always stay safe!
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  3. I loved them!
  4. Thank you lovely!๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿงก
  5. your arstu is amazing :0
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  6. Humans have always been fascinated by the myths and religions surrounding them, the curious nature of the human minds have allowed them to venture deep inside these stories from the past. Some fascinating, some terrible, and some that were never told again.

    I have always been attracted towards the myths surrounding the cultural folklore, growing up as a Half Indian-Asian kid, I was always the kind of hyperactive kid that would always dive head first into things in my friend circle.

    So this is a real life incident, that happened to me and my friends when we were in Senior College, the names of my friends have been changed because Internet is a disturbing place to share stuff :p

    When we were sixteen, a lot of my friends were into occult stuff, some read mangas or saw animes and were kind of hooked into the stuff, I was kinda different, my dad being a lawyer had a lot of books he loved to read, and on my 16th birthday after a lot of persuasion he had agreed to buy me the Ars Goetia.

    Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the Ars Goetia, itโ€™s the book of demons that contains information of the various legions of demons that King Solomon controlled using his ring. The book is filled with some very interesting facts, and if you are a horror movie junkie like me, you can easily pinpoint a couple of demons mentioned in the book with the conjuring movie franchise.

    Coming back to the story, when I finally had my hands on the book as every kid in senior college who wanted to share cool stuff with his friends, the first thing I did after getting hands on the book was to share it with my friends.

    When my friend Hwang first saw the book, he was ecstatic as he had been reading about occult stuff from a long while and had always wanted the book, but his parents being strict catholicโ€™s had always forbidden him from possessing something connected to the demons.

    Scrolling through the book, he pointed me towards the demon that was mentioned towards the end of the book. Belial, the demon, is the sixty-eight listed demon in the Ars Goetia as known as one of the kings of hell that reside over various legions of demons and holds the power to grant any wishes or familiars in exchange for gifts of equal importance.

    Hwang told me about his fascination with Belial, and he said he wanted to try out some stuff later that week, as we were all gathering at our friend Kojiโ€™s place. While I was a bit reluctant at first, curiosity had the best of me and I agreed with Hwang and convinced Koji about the occult stuff, we could do at the sleepover this weekend.

    Now the Ars Goetia is a very informative book, while it has a lot of knowledge about the demons and such, what it does not contain and rightfully so is detailed information about summoning rituals and such, and so Hwang took it upon himself to find out some stuff on how we could like to do some basic rituals and if at any point of time we thought something was wrong, we would stop immediately.

    So it was finally weekends and we had stacked up on some otome video games we wanted to play for a while, and some other stuff that we need for the ritual later in the midnight.

    I always thought that the clock strikes 12 and the devil arrives was a very clichรฉ plot line used by the horror movies in the old and to this date I stand with my beliefs cause for what happened to us did not even wait for midnight to arrive.

    Around 10:30 in the night, we were all done with our food and had already moved inside Kojiโ€™s room, with his pet Labrador Shinjuku in tow with us. Shinjuku was Kojiโ€™s family dog that had been a part of his family for almost ten years, he was a very cute dog that always used to lick us whenever we arrived to visit Koji.

    After some basic explanation on what we were about to do, Hwang used chalk powder to draw some circles and made a few stars towards the end of the designs as shown in the book. I was a little anxious but did not want to be labelled as the wimp, so I put on my brave face and helped Hwang with the stuff, while Koji sat there idly looking at us.

    We were almost done by 11:00 PM, and were ready to test it out. We all held a candle each in our hands and Hwang instructed us to blow them out together at the count of three, if we were successful then the candle in the center of the circle would automatically light up.

    I wanted to laugh at his face for the absurdity of the statement, but it was him who had the last laugh as we all blew the candle together and low behold the candle in the center lit up, me and Koji had a terrified look on our face as Hwang chuckled at your faces and told he would snap photos if there was enough light in the room.

    He joked about us wetting our pants from just a candle trick as he revealed a lighter that he used to swiftly light up the candle in the center when we blew the candles together. I felt like an idiot for falling for his trick, and was kind of annoyed because I was actually expecting something to happen.

    Iโ€™m pretty sure there was someone in the room listening to us as I vividly remember listening to a whisper, What you ask for, will come true, for the right price ofโ€™course.

    The central candle suddenly flicked away as there was complete darkness in the room surrounded my utmost silence, I tried to grab something but what I saw still terrifies me to this date, right in front of my eyes was Shinjuku, his eyes glowing red in that darkness, piercing through the pitch-black staring at me as if searching for my soul.

    I tried to quickly run for the lights in the room, but found myself stuck to the floor as if I had been glued to it. I cursed in mind as I saw the dog still staring at me, with no noise whatsoever, I wanted to scream for help, but my voice seemed to have died down in my neck.

    The only thing I remember after that incident was waking up next to my friends, who lay sprawled on the floor the next morning as the sun shined into the room through the gap in the curtains.

    When I asked my friends about the incident last night, Hwang told me to step out of my dream, as we had laughed it off after his candle trick and then played video games before we passed out.

    But I remember still to this day the voice that spoke in my ear and the dog that almost stared through my soul were very real and too vivid too just be a dream.

    (I hope you guys enjoyed the story, I tried to keep it short but couldnโ€™t, so sorry about that but still hope you like it, you can always hit me up on my IGN if you love to talk about myths, since I love to take about those 24*7)

    (P.S: Not a great artist, so forgive me for the mediocre drawing, thatโ€™s the best I could do)

  7. [​IMG]
  8. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Based on a real story. I like it!
  9. tyty !! :,) ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ๐ŸŽƒ
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  10. [​IMG]


    I made an illustration about the story that I had in mind for this contest. I figured that making it look like a bit Webtoon-ish will bring more spooky vibe as you read on.

    This story is based on my experience.
    I remember an encounter with a grieving and abandoned spirit. This was one of my most unforgettable experiences. It was in the mid-summer of August in the year of 2014 when my friends suggested that we all should go for a camping trip. I reluctantly agreed and no thought of hesitation to go crossed my mind. It was also my chance to unwind from things that have been bothering me lately and the only way to clear my mind was to be indulged with the nature for inspiration. I told any location would do as long as they do a background check on the place. I took it to myself to believe that almost every camping places, a lot of things have happened, including paranormal ones. Though others may reject the beliefs of encountering spirits, there will still be evidences of it which will flash right before your eyes. A week later, they notified me that they have picked a location which piqued their liking. They sent me a photo of the place in our group chat. It has also piqued my liking. The place looked very peaceful.

    "Not bad. So you guys know how to pick after all." I jokingly messaged at the chat. All of them instantly saw my message. It was not hard to notice they were already filled with excitement, like they could go now in any minute or second.

    "Let's face it. I'm the most brilliant one to suggest a place. Praise me." My friend, Hiro, replied. This friend of mine is the alpha of us all. Yet, he is sometimes boastful but he is always open to experience new things. "Anyways, you guys should start packing. We will go tomorrow. I'll bring a tent that would fit us four." He added.

    I sent a thumbs up emoji to indicate that I got the message. I closed my phone to start packing. I first packed my clothes, including my favorite sweater that is also my good luck charm. Everytime I go to camping trips, I always make sure to bring it, kinda keeps me safe as well. Next thing I packed was my food. I brought extra snacks for the group and some sodas as they like to combine it with our favorite activity when the night falls and deepens--stargazing. I finished my packing with emergency supplies, including medical kit. Wouldn't hurt to take precautions. After all, it's a camping trip. I decided to end my night right after I finished my packing. I wouldn't deny, there was also the feeling of excitement. Before I hit the hay, I decided to browse for the place on my phone. However, when I searched for it, it didn't appear on any article. There were no photos of it as well.

    โ€œStrange.โ€ I thought. Maybe they found the place from a local resident or a friend of Hiro's. Before I knew it, I could feel my eyes shutting down. I settled my phone on the bedside table and plugged it in it's charger then I finally slept.

    In the morning, I woke up in a sudden feeling. I realized I forgot to set an alarm and when I checked the time, it was already 7:00. I got up in a hurry and took a quick shower then took off from my place. Good thing is our meet-up place wasn't that far. As expected they got pretty irritated with my tardiness but shook it off when we got to my friend's car to travel to our camping location. The travel time was three hours long but I slept amidst of it. Next thing I knew was them shaking me to wake me up, telling that we've already arrived. There wasn't much people in the site and it was mostly just us. There was a mountain not too close from it and there's a small hill and leading down to the river, open for the public to bathe on. As my eyes scout more on the surroundings, I noticed an odd tree settled near the small hill. It was a bigger one than the regular trees thag we could see in the site and it was slightly crooked. I slightly stared at it for a minute before I heard my name called by my friend. I took my eyes off the odd-looking tree and turned my gaze on my friend and they were already setting up the camp tent. I hurried to assist them but the image of the tree got stuck on my mind.

    After we completed assembling the tent and organizing our stuff, we decided to take a short break on the river. We changed into our swimming outfits and raced down the hill to the river. There was also a small bathroom near it so we brought our clothes as changing won't be made hassle. My friends were playing catch ball and splashing water on themselves while I just sat down on the rocks, enjoying the soothing sensation from the waters. I closed my eyes as soon as a fresh wind passed by, touching my face. Sudden, I felt a splash of water and when I opened my eyes, my friends were smirking at me. I already knew they were planning to throw me so I attempted to hurry to the higher surface. They immediately caught up to me and grabbed to throw me aside where the water is much colder. They broke laughs on me while I got a little irritated as cold environment or sensation wasn't really my forte before then. The rest of the hours were spent with casual and nonsensical conversations. I had my distraction, roasting barbecue and eating most of it while they were focused on conversing with each other.

    After we changed into dry clothes, we walked back to our main campsite. I had my favorite sweater on as I was still feeling cold from the waters of the river. However, while heading back, a small portion of the fabric of my sweater got torn by a branch from a tree when I slightly slipped. At first I got irritated but all of a sudden, a feeling of anxiety has struck. Some said, when your lucky charm has been obstructed, even just a little portion of it, could mean an unfr. Not long after, I realized that the branch is from the odd-looking tree that I spotted earlier. It took me a moment of staring at it before I heard my name called by my friends again, as they chuckle because of my clumsiness. Before we reached the main campsite, we noticed an old man, going around our tent and checking out the car. One of my friends ran to the old man and greeted him with a small shout.

    "Hey, old man! What are you doing here?!" My friend reacted. The old man was slightly startled and he turned to look at my friend with fierce eyes. The rest of us immediately attended the two as my friend has issues of being short-tempered. The old man scouted his eyes to each one of us, he was checking. In any second, he noticed the torn fabric on my sweater and took a minute looking at it.

    "Where did you get that?" He asked with a flat and serious voice as he pointed out.

    "Oh, this?" I responded. "It got torn by a branch from the odd-looking tree. It's not that big of deal. I'll just stitch it up." I tried to remain as calm as possible as the old man kept staring at the torn fabric of my sweater like hell. I caught his eyes slightly widened and I could see little sweats dripping from his forehead. In my observation with other people, they tend to react like that as if something unfortunate is about it happen.

    "20:00." He whispered as he walked past by me. I was occupied with confusion as to what it meant. Hiro, who was beside me heard what the old man had said.

    "Hey! What's with 20:00?!" He shouted, calling the old man back. In any moment, the old man was already gone from the campsite. I was still left puzzled by his message.

    After that, my friends and I decided that we should already eat something since we could already feel our hunger lingering in our stomachs. We had canned foods, sandwiches, and cooked rice in our supplies. We had a pleasant meal but it's mostly about stealing everyone's food, especially mine since I brought their favorites. It was already 19:45 and one of my friends suggested that we should take a nap before we stargazing at 1:00 in the midnight. We agreed. I was feeling itchy so I excused myself from sleeping inside the tent. They didn't mind though and my friend threw me the keys to the car so I could sleep comfortably there instead and they will wake me up when it's already 1:00. They knew I couldn't miss the moment of stargazing or they're dead. Hiro accompanied me to the car since he suggested that we all should have camping buddies. This is also to take precautions and to avoid any missing member. I opened the car and Hiro asked me if he could sleep at the back seat. I agreed and I took my place on the driver's seat just in case if the car malfunctioned, response would be quicker. Finally, it was already 20:00. I suddenly remembered what the old man said earlier about the time. But because I was already getting sleepy, I shook the thought off. I checked at the back seat to see that Hiro was already fast asleep whilst sitting down. He didin't prefer laying down the seat because it was uncomfortable for him.

    Just as I was about to turn the car's light off, I suddenly got a heavy feeling that I'm familiar with. It was a feeling prior as if someone is watching behind or somewhere within the area. I strolled my eyes first at the front window car but all I could see was the lamp's light coming from the tent and I could already notice that two of my friends there were already fast asleep. I checked the right side window but found none as well. When I turned to the left side window of the car, I noticed something from the side mirror. I looked closely and I froze, starting to sweat over. At the back seat, I saw a kid beside Hiro. Being frozen, I couldn't even grab the car handle and get out.

    "Mama..." I heard it whisper before it slowly turned it's head to look at me through the side mirror. The kid's mouth was hanging and opened at an impossible widened length. I heard the creaking sound from the voice of the kid. I already speculated that my friend was already unconscious as he was still not awake. I panicked but I couldn't move. All I could was to close my eyes and let myself drift into sleep in hope of getting by the night. I could still hear the creaking and to lose my own consciousness was impossible. Few seconds later, the creaking sound faded away. I thought that maybe it's already safe to open my eyes. Or so I thought . . .

    I opened my eyes to already see that the kid's face was already beside and touching mine. Pale and cold-skinned I could feel from him. His mouth was still dropped wide open and the creak from his voice was even louder. "Mama . . . Tell me your love hasn't died." He said in a raspy tone as his head slightly turned 'till fully towards me. The lights of the car were flashing on and off, like everything's already in mess. My head turned to meet his gaze against my will. My body was still frozen. My mind was blank. I tried to scream but my voice wouldn't come out. As my eyes met his, his voice screeched and the next thing I knew, everything was pitch black.

    I felt a warm touch on my cheek, which prompted to open my eyes. I struggled but I could already see the light from the sun, greeting me in the morning. I carried heavy body up, still remembering that happened last night. I checked the back seat to see that my friend has gone out. They were already preparing breakfast. I got out of the car and locked it then headed towards them, remembering that I missed out the stargazing that we planned.

    "Had a good sleep? We were waking you up earlier to stargaze but you're deep asleep. Don't blame us, by the way." One of my friends greeted. I shook my head to fully wake me up.

    "It's okay. I was really deep asleep." I replied, hearing them chuckle.

    "There's the old man again." Hiro murmured. I turned back to see the old man walking towards us. "He kept coming back here since earlier." He added.

    "I suppose you had a troubled night." The old man greeted as soon as he reached us. He was looking straight at me like an arrow. A thought immediately crossed my mind when he said "troubled night."

    "What happened?" My friend asked. I looked at them with a troubled look and they returned a confused look to me.

    "As soon as you sweater touched the branch of that tree, he became closer to you. You see, this site was an abandoned property. A wealthy family claimed this place to build a hotel on. However, amidst the planned construction, something unfortunate has happened." The old man started.

    "And what did happen?" I asked as I gulped to prepare myself out.

    "That odd-looking tree is the graveyard of the kid, whose parents were the wealthy ones. One day, he was playing around the tree, even climbed on it. He had a rope with him that he suited around his neck and he tied the other end to the thickest branch of the tree. Assuming he was making his own way to climb the tree much easily. However, the joy ended when the boy slipped down the branch along with the rope tied to his neck. The parents found their kid in that state 8:00 in the morning and then in the opposite time of day, 20:00, the parents would hear their son's voice calling 'Mama'." The old man continued.

    I was in uttermost shock. No wonder the spirit of the kid sounded grieving at first but turned quite aggressive later on. It was because the parents chose to abandon the place instead of making a memorial for their dead son.

    "Everytime a new owner comes here to take over the property, everything is stopped sooner or later. No matter how many times they cut off the tree, in a matter of days, it was fully-grown again. No one dared to listen to leave the place despite my warnings so I let them be, for them to experience their own arrogance." The old man added. He then handled me a needle and red thread as he saw that I haven't stitched the torn fabric of my sweater. "Use this instead of an ordinary thread. Therefore, he will know you're a friend who listened to his story."

    I accepted the materials respectfully with a bow and gave thanks then the old man left. After conversations, we packed our belongings and stuffed them into the car. Before we left, my friend reached for candles from his bag. He brought it in case an outage of light source happens. We had candles on each one of us and lighted them up, settling it down near the boy's tree to pay respect to him with pure sympathy. Not long, we finally got into the car and already leaving. Just as before we completely left the area, there was the kid standing beside the tree, gazing on me. I could see his little smile and took a bow, mouthing "Thank you." It was 8:00 when we left.

    I still have the red thread that the old man gave me which I kept in my wardrobe.

    Proof will be posted soon. Imgur wouldn't let me upload. I hope you liked my entry.
  11. If you need help uploading feel free to pm! :)
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  12. [​IMG]

    So, recently, there has been a lot of weird things going on in my house than usual.

    The first thing I noticed was a few days ago while I was reading, a really foul odor just kind of washed over me.

    If anyone has ever had experience with someone's who is eating and they just lean really close to you so you can smell their food on their breath, that's what this was like.

    I was alone in my room at the time, but the odor seemed to be coming from beside my bed. It lingered for 3-4 seconds before dissipating.

    The other thing is the noises. Random footsteps in the living room, sounds of doorknobs jiggling, and one time it even sounded like the front door opened but didn't close.

    Keep in mind that all of this can happen any time of day, but seems to escalate as the night draws on.

    I was laying in bed, early in the morning (1 or 2 AM) when I heard my roommate's voice standing right by my bed and calling me by his nickname for me.

    I opened my eyes and he wasn't there. If he had been there, and if he wanted to wake me or get my attention, he would have shaken me by the shoulder.

    Another strange sound was when I was lying on my back, I heard a woman's voice in my right ear (which would be between me and the wall). The voice giggled flirtatiously, echoing as it faded away.

    It seems to have gotten worse since our cat disappeared three days ago. And we even found claw marks on our wall beneath our window which couldn't have been made by the cat even if he were here.

    We have two sets of windows up by the ceiling of our living room where our cat used to climb up on the ledge to sun himself.

    However, we had broken him of this behavior two years ago, because his weight on the curtain rod of the big window below the upper window was causing the rod to bend and eventually it broke.

    Now, these claw marks are very close together, inconclusive with a panicky cat flinging his claws out to keep himself from falling from the window. And there is only one set of marks, not two or even four. The curtains on the window below the claw marks are also undisturbed.

    It doesn't look like a cat scratch, just ask my arms and legs, they've had their share. None of them has ever been spaced so closely together.

    The marks, in my opinion, look similar to scratches left on trees by bears marking their territory, but much smaller.

    These we found yesterday evening. This morning, I awoke to find my pillow in the floor like it was thrown across the room and I heard light footsteps beside me like a small child.

    I think I will sleep with the lights on tonight (if I manage to sleep at all), and I will go and check on my roommate frequently.
  13. [​IMG]
    Picture to accompany the story. ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†
  14. Love how the experience was written, made my imagination work which also made the story more spooky!! Had mixed emotions while reading it!! The artwork is really good too!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    PS. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE THREAD if possible LMAO! This got me invested in the story. Hope the kid finds Peace. โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ
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  15. Daydream




    I just want to stay here and not think about anythingโ€ฆ


    โ€œWHAT?โ€ My eyes shot open and I saw Mr. Walker in front of me.

    He tapped my desk sharply, getting the whole classโ€™s attention.

    โ€œThis,โ€ he starts, โ€œis childish behavior.โ€

    I looked down, feeling embarrassed but not regretful. โ€œMy apologies, it will never-โ€œ

    โ€œThis is the seventh time already.โ€ He sighed away, utterly disappointed while resuming the lecture.

    The day went by and everything felt dull. Iโ€™m finally on my way home.

    Not even halfway to the kitchen, I heard familiar footsteps.

    โ€œTook you a long time to come home.โ€ I looked back only to see Mr. Walker leaning against the doorframe.

    I rolled my eyes, telling him Iโ€™ll just cook dinner for myself.

    โ€œFine. Tell me about some Advanced Biochemistry principles while youโ€™re at it,โ€ he said nonchalantly.

    โ€œAt least let me eat, first?โ€

    โ€œIโ€™ll add another subject after you eat. You really need to graduate this year, you know?โ€

    I donโ€™t want to, but Iโ€™ll never win with this guy.

    I stayed up until the crack of dawn. By the time I need to show up for class, Iโ€™m so sleepy again.

    Mr. Walker told me to see him after class, and Iโ€™m not happy about it. I only need to pass his subjects for me to finally finish school.

    After classes, Iโ€™m still in a daze. I felt like a child about to get scolded.

    โ€œI know that youโ€™re not doing your best-,โ€ Mr. Walker said as he entered the office, โ€œand we both know exactly why.โ€

    His statement caught me off-guard. Why is he being so calm about it? I donโ€™t understand.

    โ€œGraduate, please.โ€ he pleads, but it was never that easy.

    โ€œNathan, if I did, we would never see him again.โ€ I said, finally letting it out of my chest.

    Just like that, we were both at a loss for words.


    The three of us were childhood friends โ€“ me and the Walker twins.

    Nathan and Ethan โ€“ both my seniors โ€“ became young professors.

    Ethan was thrilled that I got both of their subjects and told me heโ€™d tutor me every night without fail until I pass.

    A week after, he had cardiac arrest.

    He left me, Nathan and our families devastated.

    Nathan was forced to move on faster, college just started and he needed to take all Ethanโ€™s classes as his.

    I got scared.

    I didnโ€™t know what to do the first time I saw Ethan during Nathanโ€™s class, sitting beside the projector.

    It was so him, sitting beside or leaning against things.

    I thought I was crazy. I was too far gone to even daydream about him.

    But then, I saw Nathan constantly staring at whatโ€™s beside the projector, too.

    I wasnโ€™t crazy and I was definitely not alone.

    Ethan also fulfilled his promise every night. But whenever I pass a test, I noticed that he doesnโ€™t show up when I get home.

    Maybe because of passing โ€“ which means I didnโ€™t need his help anymore.

    I realized that if his last wish about me comes true, thenโ€ฆ heโ€™d be gone forever.


    Nathan patted my head, โ€œHeโ€™s already gone.โ€

    It hurts.

    โ€œIt wonโ€™t last forever. What weโ€™re both seeing is a mirage that wonโ€™t last forever.โ€ he adds.

    It stings.

    I donโ€™t really know if minutes or hours have passed before I stopped crying.

    I saw Ethan leaning against the doorframe, smiling at me.

    Itโ€™s been so long and I think I need to accept the loss already.

    With a shaky voice, I told them both, โ€œIโ€™ll pass this year and wonโ€™t let your efforts go to waste.โ€


    (I came up with this while listening to Daydream by j-hope. It was about 1.2k words so I tried to compress it to whatโ€™s here now. I actually made this with the thought that instead of writing about ghosts being portrayed as sinister beings, I want to show a side of them that are really just beings who donโ€™t want to leave people in grief behind. Itโ€™s not on the scary side but I still wanted to share it to you all.)

  16. "The Cemetery"
    ๐Ÿชฆ๐Ÿชฆ๐Ÿชฆ ๐Ÿชฆ๐Ÿชฆ๐Ÿชฆ

    As the cool breezy autumn day started, Megan was walking through Jake boulevard with Christy, as Christy rattled on about the Halloween Pranks
    , the trick or treating, or the endless supply of candy. Megan wasn't interested in any of that
    , before she had left the house for school her parents were talking about "The cemetery", She had always knew not to go there at night but her parents seemed worried about it.
    Before she could ask them they quickly changed the subject, so she knew it was weird. So while walking with Christy to school she took a detour, Megan said "I'll meet you at school, gotta go take care of something" smiling. Christy and Megan separated ways and Christy still walking to school, Megan walking to "The cemetery". Wondering what she'd find she didn't see the car coming, Luckily Tyler a guy from school seen her and pushed her back. Looking confused she says " What the freaking heck man", " Oh hey I'm Tyler buy call me T, The car was coming lol but why are you going that way school's this way" Tyler asked. She explained where she was going and he decided to join, So as they made their way towards "The Cemetery" they noticed it was getting foggy but not a normal light fog, it was a very heavy fog, Megan said "Tyler I can barely see, would you hold my hand so we don't get lost." He agreed and they continued but it was getting worst and then all of a sudden they heard a scream "MEGAN". Tyler let go of her hand spilt second, as she started screaming his name they were separated by the fog, Megan stumbled over what appear to be a rock but not an ordinary Rock a large Boulder type Rock she tried to scream and yell but she couldn't hear or see anyone. When she stop screaming she tried to get up but it appeared her leg was stuck under something, she frantically tried and tried to get unstuck but nothing was working, Then she heard Tyler "MEGAN WHERE ARE YOU" screaming, Megan yelled back "IM STUCK UNDER A LARGE ROCK OR SOMETHING GO GET HELP" What seemed like hours she finally seen a shadow in the fog, not noticing who it is she sees they're holding a large bag of some sort. Staying quiet they get closer and closer but seemingly they passed her, She was trying to see a face but they had a large coat on. Then in the distance she sees two more figures, but they look more joyful and she starts screaming. "Boom" "Boom" "Boom, she goes silent. Then the Trenchcoat man appears by the two figures, Grabbing them and then disappearing, She passes out.

    She wakes in the same spot looking around noticing there is less fog. She looks to see what she was stuck under and it was a broken gave but a huge one, she thinks to her this must have been someone famous. Then she sees him the man that was wearing the Trenchcoat, She stays silent but there's no fog to hide her and he sees her, moving towards her, he actually helps her get unstuck and walks with her towards the exit were she sees her parents, Tyler,and Christy. Running to them she forgots About what the Trenchcoat man did a few hours ago, Her parents talked to the man and the parted ways, Megan asked " Why we're you guys waiting by the exit" They explained "The man was leaving already and we asked him if he seen you there and he said maybe but he wasn't paying attention, We gave him a picture and went back looking, About 30 minutes later your walking back with him. All dazzled at what had just happen they decided not to go back to school and just chill at Megan's house, when Megan said "HE KILLED TWO OTHER PEOPLE" crying loudly. He parents called the cops immediately and told the cops everything, The cops asked for a description of the man, and they all described how how the man looked, about 6 foot 5, Kinda bright, Short curly hairy, bushy mustache, and one gold tooth. The cop studied the description but was very confused because the man didn't come up in his system, so he told the people what he knew, "Well I ran all the test about the man and He died in 1924" looking puzzled, they thanked the cop for his time and decided it was all a prank.

    John will be back ๐Ÿง–

    The end.

  17. These are the proofs for the illustration that I made for my story "20.00"

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. So glad they worked! Your drawing looks amazing ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ–ค
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  19. It more creepy with the white eyes
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