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    (Before applying, please be sure to read our Moderator Application FAQ!)

    That's right, the long-awaited time is here at last. Once again, we're looking for moderators to join our current team!

    Most particularly, you will have a greater chance of joining the ranks if you are from the following regions:
    ☞ Australia
    ☞ South-Southeast Asia

    We are also looking for players available at the following times:
    ☞ Late night to early morning GMT–8 (US campus)
    ☞ Late night to early morning GMT+8 (Asian campus)

    And it would be super helpful if you can speak any (or all?!) of the following languages:
    ☞ Indian dialects
    ☞ Tagalog/Filipino
    ☞ Arabic

    Edit to add: even if you don't happen to fit any of the above categories, you can still apply! Please do!

    If you know a player who you think would be a great moderator, please direct them to this forum post. And if you're interested in applying yourself, please do!

    The application form is here: PIMD Moderator Application – July 2020

    WEDNESDAY JULY 29th at 12PM PDT.

    Please do not send your application to the help section, as it will immediately be discarded, and that would be bad for everyone. Please apply using the proper form linked above.

    Looking forward to meeting you, future mods!
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  2. Ready for all the helpful people to pop up? 🌝
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  3. Good luck 👍🏽
  4. Oooh 🌚 #Hype
  5. Wish me luck 🤞
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  6. Thanks
  7. Good luck Buwbuw!
  8. Good Luck Everyone 😊
  9. Oooh good luck to everyone applying!
  10. Didn't someone make a forum trying to get support to make them a mod? 👀 nows the chance baybee 🥴
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  11. Good luck everyone 💞
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  12. Good luck hun ❤️
  13. good luck🥳 excited for you all!
  14. Good luck everyone :D
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  15. very excited! good luck everyone 🥰
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