Clash of the Campus Heroes

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  2. Yes!More African American avatars.I would really like more mixed looking girls but I like the diversity your trying to do.
  3. So why do these avitars look like trash? The past couple hunts haven't even been worth it 
  4. ?Why does it seem like the guy avatars have a lil suger in there tank??I dont like my men looking like they fruity in the bootie?
  5. I love thisss good job ATA
  6. Some of their heads look bigger than their body..
  7. Support im mixed so would love a mixed breed avatar?
  8. I'm not gonna spend ecs on this hunt. Ugh, these looks are getting uglier and uglier...ohh pls.
  9. My bad XD I like the items y'all brought out! Teams are cool, purples a nice color, yellow, not so much. Bleh. What these avatars lack is the greate contour and detail they usually have. These look more catroony, and I think majority like the avatars to look realistic. Their body shapes remind me of looking into a fun house mirror or something  For instance last hunt, top vip girl ava was great, but the guy, not so much, it looks like one of these and I know the guys weren't happy about it. A play on celebrities, or just fashionably and well detailed & sculpted avatars. Another idea I think would be big is doing a superhero & supervillian hunt. Who doesn't like those? Also good for team color ideas. You could easily do a play off of well known heroes & villains.
  10. New theme, New Hunt, Continue on chap, continue on.
  11. Ok - specifics.
    Avatars have become more "caricatures" and outright exaggerations than maintaining any sense of realism. Giant eyes, giant feet, and the male avatars are ungodly skinny and effeminate. No man on earth is 6'3 with a 26" waist.
    I have to wonder - are there just too many avatars out and you've lost the ability to do something new? There are multiple old avatars for which I'd shell out cash. Last round of winter ones was a good example.

    Next, lets examine the pointless nature of hunts. Why do players need stat items? There has been zero emphasis or encouragement of PvP for years. In fact you changed parties to be less PvP friendly. If all these noobs do is party, who cares about stat items? Payout doesnt change.

    Yay, a 1.5mcs boost...that gets used for nothing whatsoever.
  13. One hunt after another... so tiring. Btw did you change the artist? The last 2-3 hunt avis look a lot more childish, compared to the thanksgiving hunt, for example. I prefered the old ones. Anyway, Another kini for 15k... yay :)
  14. Avas are yuck, how could they be???
  15. ata pls bring back the old style of avatars 
  16. 
  18. Notice me Grant Senapi I almost wrote a paragraph :roll:
  19. These new avatars are very saddening. Can we please revive the old art style. These Avis look childish, and unrealistic