Cirque Du SoBae

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  1. Grab a ticket to whimsy and wonder! The circus is in town!

    The excitement and glamor of the circus await you! You'll gasp in awe as you watch the acrobats soar through the air like eagles! You'll laugh uncontrollably at the antics of the mimes and the clowns! But most of all, you'll scream in shock at the price of popcorn!

    But it's worth it! They're only in town for a short while, so grab your fam and make your way to the big top!

    From now until 12PM PDT on April 19th collect Billet de Cirques from the Party and Pro Party of the Day, as well as Cat Cafe and Pizza Pop(Art)

    Event Progress

    Your rewards for this event will be based on the number of Billet de Cirques you have at the end of the event.

    (Reminder: Rewards will take time to reach everyone)

    Jester Box

    As you complete parties you'll occasionally stumble upon Jester Boxes. These boxes can be opened in one of two ways:

    - Using a Jester Key which is purchased using cash. (Limit 2 Per Day)
    - Using a Gold Jester Key which is purchased using EC. (No Limit)

    Note: This event you are now able to open 2 Boxes using the Jester Key each day. This provides you with more opportunities at different rewards and avatars. To maintain balance, event items from boxes opened with Jester Keys are halved. In addition, the Gold Jester Key can provide better rates at certain rewards.

    These boxes can contain different numbers of Billet de Cirque used for hunt progress, as well as a rare chance at Hypnocats, Doctor's Notes, Pizza Bikinis, and Care Packages, and at a very rare rate, EVENT AVATARS.

    Boxes can be opened until the end of the event 12PM PDT on April 19th.


    Reward Tiers

    Reward Tiers below are based on the number of Billet de Cirque you have at the end of the event.


    Current Leaderboards are posted in Campus Chat and set as a Campus Announcement every hour.
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