Childish War

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    Chapter 32

    I don't keep many things in my pockets, but what I do keep there stay there. A travelling toothbrush, a pocket knife, and a cotton handkerchief just to name a few. I drew out the handkerchief from the assortment of other items stashed in my pocket and held it up to Callum's ear.

    "I don't have anything better, but this should be okay," I mumbled, more to myself than to him.

    "Thanks," He replied, holding the handkerchief in place as I drew my hand away, "And by the way, sorry about today."

    I forced a smile. "Thanks."

    He continued. "Some days it's harder to ignore Them. That's why I came out here. Sometimes I feel like it'd be worth it to kill someone if only it'd make them shut up. But they're relentless, Mara. Give them one thing to enjoy and they'll latch onto that. They'll greedily demand more and more until you're nothing more than a puppet for their entertainment, and even then it won't be enough. But no, I never want to kill again, not ever."

    In the moment, I didn't know what to say, or think for that matter. All of Callum's words swirled and crowded in my head, like thick, cigarette smoke in a small room. All my knowledge up to that point was moot; none of it would help me now. All the skills I had learned, all the methods I had practiced, all the life proficiency I had earned pointed to Callum being a liar. But the way his face contorted as his mouth shaked out those last words could not have been dishonest. Could it be that I was the one who was wrong?

    Callum let out a long breath. "Thanks, Mara. I know I seem really unstable at the moment, but it's really nice to have someone listen every once in a while." He rose from his spot on the ground. He wiped the remaining blood trickling from his ear and picked at what remained from underneath his fingernails. Silently, he headed toward the doorway.

    "Wait," I surprised myself, "I'll do it. I'll join you."

    In that moment, I could have sworn two things: Callum's fox-like grin came back with a wicked timing, and I heard a soft creak coming from above me in the ceiling.
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  3. Chapter 33

    "Hold still!" Tatum complained, frowning. She sturdied her hold on the back of my head. Callum and the rest sat at the edge of the bed, watching me like I was some sort of spectacle. Even Lance took a break from guarding the door to attend the event.

    "I'm trying," Wincing wasn't my fault. Anyone with a tattoo directly under their eye would know my dilemma exactly. Especially if that tattoo was made by an amateur tattoo artist armed with a DIY tattoo needle, fully equipped with India ink.

    The needle met my bottom eye lid with a sharp sting, like a prick from sharp glass. The sensation reiterated itself three times across my left eye; three dots of black ink corresponding with each. A primal look, I must say, not that I had much of a chance to debate the design. This was just about the most minimal war paint could get.

    Tatum wiped away the excess ink with the corner of a bed sheet. "Alright, done," she sighed. The sting of the needle still burned into my skin.

    "One of us! One of us!" Callum chanted.

    "Stop it," Tatum sharply turned toward Callum. Callum swung his arms across Tatum's and my necks, bridging the gap between us. Tatum stifled an amused smile. For once in my life, didn't suppress mine.

    "Welcome to the gang," Author smiled at us from the foot of the bed. Callum continued to jostle me by the neck, so I swung my arm around his back to stabilize myself.

    It had only been a day or so, but perhaps I was mistaken about my siblings, even Callum. Behind the firepower and numbers seemed to be a true family. One with siblings who loved and fought each other with all their hearts. Not like the one I grew up with, killing each other so indifferently. I thought, maybe someday, I could become a true part of this bond. After all, I already had the blood prerequisite.

    "Thanks," I giggled back at Author. Tatum also let out a short laugh before pushing Callum off of her. She began packing the makeshift tattoo kit back into her sky-blue backpack. With the loss of Tatum, Callum also let go of his grip on me. He quickly returned to his normal, placid state.

    "No problem, shortie," Author winked at me.
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  8. Chapter 34

    For Rani. This was written circa 2017.

    "Is this a normal thing for... you diurnal siblings?" I asked a question that had been swirling in my head for a while.

    "How are we supposed to know?" Tatum shrugged. "I only talk to them at the dinner parties."

    Author interjected, "No, no, I think Brennan's group has to have something. Too many of them wear sweaters for it to be a coincidence."

    I couldn't tell whether or not he was being serious, but Tatum scoffed off the idea. She wore a beige sweater as well.

    “I think the reason we started it was because of Callum,” Tatum continued, “It was really just a fun little thing.”

    “Huh...” I pretended like it made sense to keep the tattooing up, even to the point of forcing new members to participate.

    "Yeah, I remember one of my tutors growing up had one on his arm. I thought it was pretty cool so I copied it," Callum recounted, "Of course, this is a lot simpler. And less professional."

    "Obviously," Tatum retorted, discrediting her own work.

    Callum continued, "But now it's convenient to keep new members in check," He poked my nose. I flinched.

    "We should do rounds," Lance interjected from his post at the door. Tatum nodded her head and let out an approving hum. I used the chance to stand up.

    We each shuffled our way through the door. I secured a spot in the middle, seeing as I was the only one without a firearm. This was also a prime opportunity for me to slip away, as far as the others were concerned. We moved swiftly across the creaky, wooden floor of the hallway.

    It was too easy, moving with sound. My throat eased as I drew each breathe, not muffled by fear as it was as a Night Owl. I didn't check the corner as we came to it. None of us did.

    Another corner. Then a staircase. If I didn't know better, the house was positively empty, excepting for the five of us. This was the power of Callum's Daylight Army.

    Thwoom. A rush of air clipped my right ear. A bullet? No. A dart.
  9. Chapter 35

    Gee, forums have become unusable. This one's for good measure.

    The firefight began almost immediately. Surrounded by gunshot, the five of us scattered into hiding. As I ran for cover, I fumbled for my missing rifle. I swear, this was the one time I didn't have it on me.

    Me, Tatum, and Callum ended up crouched behind a nearby corner. Lance and Author remained ahead, but out of my sight. Shots echoed in front of us. They could only be the source of some of them. Callum peered around the corner.

    "They're just at the end of the hallway," Callum drew a status report to us girls.

    "Who?" Tatum strained her neck for a look. Callum ushered her back towards me.

    "Brennan.... and Karne."

    "Dang," Tatum muttered, visibly distraught at the mention of her name. I gave her a questioning look. "Karne's my twin," She explained.

    I nodded my head, frowning. Killing a full sibling is bad taste, not to mention a twin or triplet. I wouldn't put it past Callum, though.

    Tatum climbed past Callum and peered past the corner to catch a glimpse of her twin. I stayed behind, not wanting to topple them over into the crossfire.

    "At least Lance and Author are going easy on her," she whispered. The statement didn't sound true, given the sound of gunfire piercing the air.

    "She's going easy on them," Callum retorted. He clutched his pistol closer to his chest.

    I felt a soft poke on my shoulder, and I jumped. My head jolted left and I saw nothing. My gaze drifted upwards to find a dart gun being pulled back above the ceiling panel. A hand dropped down and waved, and I caught a glimpse of an enthusiastic smile behind it. My heart leapt. Pike had come to rescue me.

    I turned my head back to check on the other two. Callum and Tatum were still busy watching the gun fight from the corner. I gave Pike a little wave to let him know the coast was clear.

    His hand formed a point towards a door in the hallway, away from the corner. I took one last glimpse at Callum and Tatum, and crept away into the nearby room.
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