Childish War

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    Chapter 22

    I tugged desperately at the earpiece. With each pull, the stinging sensation intensified. It pierced the cartilage in my ear with what seemed to be tens of needles and was secured by some sort of magnet. Despite my most genuine efforts, removal seemed impossible.

    That fact only increased my desperation. Surely, something I couldn't remove would be something so appalling that I'd want to. I didn't even want to find out what that was.

    I ceased pulling on the device in order to lift myself into the ceiling. By then, I had memorized a very basic blueprint of the crawl space. Enough to find my way back to the base eventually, anyway.

    Unfortunately, that was not the case this time. I crawled for what seemed to be hours, without seeing even a small ray of light.

    Eventually, I heard a small beep from the earpiece I had all but forgotten about. Mother had activated it sooner than I anticipated.

    "It's on!" A mechanic male voice broke the silence that followed the beep. Despite my vague hopes that the "conversation piece" would link me to the rest of the Night Owls, this voice could only belong to a robot.

    "So this is Mara?" The voice continued.

    "What?" I breathed out of pure confusion. Who was this? Was it even someone inside the house?

    "She's so cute!" The voice paid no attention to my question, "Lift up your skirt a little, sweetie!"

    The voice erupted into a chorus of chants, all pleading me to lift up my skirt. How revolting. Could they see me? I looked around for cameras, but I couldn't see any in the dark.

    "Aw, she's blushing! How adorable! Has this one even killed anyone yet? Lol."

    "Lol, I don't think so. She needs to step up her game!"

    How could they take killing my siblings so lightly?

    "What's going on?" I pleaded.

    "Lift up your skirt first, sweetie ;)" Was the only answer.
  7. Chapter 23

    The taunting went on like that for a solid minute. I had never heard such bizarre requests. Mother had called this a communication device, but this "communication" seemed entirely one-sided. And obscene, to say the least. I pulled the hem of my skirt down in protest. This proved quite difficult to maintain whilst I crawled forward.

    As in "quite difficult," I mean I tripped over my own dress, causing me to launch face first into the ceiling with a large crash. I landed face first into the floor beneath, my fall thankfully cushioned by a soft mattress.

    "Lol," Was the only comment from my earpiece.

    It took a solid second to recover from the shock of being thrown from the floor above. Afterwards, I sat up to dust the ceiling debris off myself.

    "Mara?" I heard a familiar voice. Familiar, I say, yet still absolutely blood-curdling. All trace of blood drained from my face. The core of my being knew this was the day I'd die. No use for fight nor flight. I turned my head to face my terrible fate.

    Callum's Daylight Army consisted of four people. Callum himself, Author, Lance, and Tatum to be exact. I knew their names quite well, as they often only appeared in my nightmares. Each member had a firearm pointed straight at me. I stared down the barrel of Callum's pistol with watery eyes.

    "Why are you here, Mara?" Callum's voice was cold and melodious. A smile— no, a smirk etched from ear to ear; a coy reminder that my fragile life was balanced in his fickle palm. No hard feelings.

    I opened my mouth, but all that came out was a squeak. Author, who stood to Callum's right, lowered his shotgun slightly.

    He sighed, "This is ridiculous. Just look at her, Callum." Author gestured towards me, pathetic as ever. The others did not budge without Callum's word.

    "Don't spoil it, Author!" Callum gave a short and muffled giggle, "Her face was absolutely priceless!"

    Author shook his head, "You're an awful human being, you should know that."

    "So what?" Callum retorted, waving his hand so Lance and Tatum could drop their guards, "Might as well have a little fun in life, even at the expense of others."

    Author simply rolled his eyes.
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  11. Chapter 24

    In all of my life, I could never have even imagined sitting alongside Callum and his Daylight Army with all of my vitals perfectly intact. And so, I didn't. My pulse was terribly fast, and I dare say it was even out of rhythm. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was in a state of cardiac arrest. My temperature was undoubtedly high, to say the least. My lungs seemed to twist around each other, crushing any trace of oxygen and hope that I wouldn't lapse into psychological shock.

    "Mara, try to calm down," Tatum tried to reassure me, "You're perfectly safe." She squeezed my hand, thinking that would help me in some bizarre way.

    "Look what you've done to the poor girl, Callum," Author lectured his brother. "You damn near killed her like a rabbit from stress."

    I didn't look up to see Callum's reaction, but I'm sure that he didn't take it very respectfully.

    Tatum continued to whisper soothing phrases into my ear. I might have worked if not for the robotic voices drowning out most of her words. They chanted awful things like "Hah! Killed like a rabbit!" and "I didn't pay for this. I want a refund!"

    "Huh?" I heard Tatum audibly gasp. "Mara-— she!" She motioned for the others to join us. The others rushed to our side, except for Lance, who silently guarded the door.

    "What? What is it?" My voice was still shaky, but getting better.

    Tatum's hand shot up to the device on my ear. "This is— you poor thing!"

    Author gently pushed Tatum away to get a closer look. "Is this new? Your ear is beat red!"

    I nodded. "Just today."

    "But why Mara? She's just too young!" Tatum retaliated. "She isn't even around during the day!"

    "Obviously because 'they' voted for her," Callum's first reaction to the shock was to laugh. If it was shock at all. "They never fail to disappoint."

    "Callum!" Author reprimanded.

    "Who's they?" I asked.

    Callum continued, despite Author's warning, "They are the reason we're in this mess. They watch us kill our own flesh and blood from the comfort of their homes. People just like you and me who take a perverse delight in living anonymously through the eyes of a killer. You know them, Mara. They're clinging to your story even now."
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  14. Chapter 25

    "So in short, they're the voices from the device?" I tried to make sense of Callum's words.

    "Not quite. Those are just the few who pay a pretty penny to talk to us. The real population is far greater than that," Author interjected. "Lance once said they told him that we're a household name, ain't that right?" He turned toward the doorway, where Lance stood in silence. Lance gave a slight nod.

    "He has one as well?"

    "Sure does. Callum too," Author replied.

    "Check it out," Callum grinned and pulled his hair behind his ear. His communication device looked exactly like mine besides that fact that it was noticeably older. It was slightly bent and the metallic blue was almost entirely scratched away. It sat at an odd angle on his ear, as if it had been torn away from its original spot. Nevertheless, the actual earbud remained un-budged from the entrance to his ear. Was this what terror was in my future? It had only been a few hours, and I had already considered cutting my own ear off in order to escape this device.

    "Who else?"

    "Hm... Pike does definitely. Brennan and Karne, probably. Other than that, it's hard to tell. Most people like to keep it hidden." Author replied, placing his hand on his chin as he thought.

    "Yeah, that's why Pike always wears that stupid bandana. If you ask me, it makes it more obvious. But then again, Marissa's kids are usually weird like that," Callum chimed in.

    "You do know I'm one of Pike's triplets, right?" I couldn't tell if Author was offended or not. However, this was information that I didn't even know, not that I pay much attention to the order of birth between siblings of different mothers. It just seemed strange that the seemingly calm-mannered Author shared a womb with someone so erratic as Pike. And I thought that just sharing a room was scary.

    "Yeah, yeah. I wasn't really talking about you. You're kinda the exception," Callum glossed over the comment.

    "Triplets?" I asked, curious enough to interject, "Who's the other one?"

    "Aïlis. I haven't really talked to her since we were kids, though," Author shrugged. Now it made sense.
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