Childish War

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  2. Chapter 17

    "Are you joining as well?" Pike questioned Greyson.

    "Not like I have anything better to do," Greyson shrugged, "Food sounds nice."

    "Then it's settled!" Pike clapped his hands, and I jumped from the startle. "The four of us will be an alliance."

    Pike was the only one among us celebrating. The rest of us looked down in uncertainty. Although I was the first to agree to Pike's plan, I still worried about the possibility of being tricked and ambushed or being targeted as a threat. The best scenario was we'd stay together for a week or two before separating.

    "So are we just staying here, then?" Aïlis asked after a long pause.

    "For now," Pike replied, "Tomorrow, we'll go back to my room."

    "Are we gonna have to go through the ventilation again?" Aïlis groaned.

    "You're going to get used to it eventually. Mara first did it yesterday, and now she's a master!" Pike exclaimed, lying. I shook my head to counteract his remark. I was still just as blind as Aïlis up there.

    "Great..." Aïlis remarked. I sighed, like the four of us could stay in Pike's foxhole comfortably.

    "Now who do we have left of the solo Night Owls?" Pike rested his elbows on his knees, plotting for more unfortunate siblings to join.

    "Night Owls?" Both Aïlis and Greyson questioned the name, as it was apparently foreign to anyone that was not me and Pike.

    "Soloists, you know, the ones awake in the night. Kind of self-explainatory, really."

    "Oh, okay then. Schere, I believe. I never really see her, though," Aïlis replied.

    "Schere as in Fae's kid? She's a Night Owl?" Pike was immediately taken aback. There must be some sort of aggressive gene in Fae, because all of her children seem to thrive, even enjoy, our childish war. They are sneaky and frightfully intelligent. So of course, one of Fae's children taking a pacifist approach to it is, to say the least, very strange.

    "Yep. I talked to her a bit last banquet and we traded some survival tips. She's very friendly."

    "Is that it, then? Just her?"

    "I believe so." Aïlis paused, "Unless there's one I don't know about."

    "And where does she stay?"

    To this, Aïlis merely shrugged. Schere must've been better at the Night Owl strategy than any of us if even Pike didn't know how she operated.
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    Chapter 16

    Indeed, the room Pike had suggested was not far at all. In fact, it was only a few turns from where we were. Pike kicked the ceiling tile out from under him and hopped out of sight. Aïlis followed, and I was third.

    "You again?"

    "We're just here to rest." Pike stated.

    It was Greyson, along with all of the possessions I'd ever owned.

    "You!" I growled, stepping toward the thief with all the menace of a house cat. Greyson stepped back in caution, probably more out of habit than actual fear.

    "Careful," Pike held his hand out in front of my chest, stopping me in my tracks, "Let's try to get along, 'kay Pint?" He smiled down at me. I glared at Greyson before stepping out of my offensive stance. My little brother sighed in relief.

    "I thought you said this room was empty," Aïlis confronted Pike as she searched the room. She was still clearly suspicious of our older brother, and for good reason.

    "Empty enough. No threats here, right, Greyson?"

    Greyson nodded. "Not like I really have a choice."

    "Good!" Pike removed a chair from the nearby desk and sat down. "Now, we should talk more about my proposal from yesterday."

    "Absolutely not," Aïlis cut him off. I sat down on the twin bed in the opposite corner from Pike.

    "Aw, come on! I just saved both Mara's and your life. You can at least listen to what I have to say," pleaded Pike.

    "You know what happens when people like us pair up. Would you really do that to Mara? She's only fourteen!" Aïlis raised her voice. "She wouldn't last a day against them! And for what, so you can have more company? So you can have some people to run your errands?"

    "Aïlis," Greyson warned, "I'm fine with you guys staying here for a bit, but can you not attract others?"

    "Sorry," Aïlis sat down beside me.

    "Look, we don't even have to publicize it. You guys can just stay here, and I'll go get food or whatever you need," Pike stopped to look at Aïlis, who crossed her arms, "You can even leave to do your own errands at any time."

    "Pike, I really don't—"

    "I think I'd like to try," I pitched in. There's no harm in testing the strategy, right? Of course, it wasn't foolproof, but it was a chance for the companionship at I'd always craved.

    Aïlis sighed, "You sure? Pike's not very trustworthy, you know."

    Pike frowned.

    "I'm sure," I looked down and flattened my dress on my lap.

    "Well, in that case, I'll try as well," Aïlis glared at Pike, "But I'm keeping an eye on you."

    "Perfect," Our older brother grinned.
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  6. Chapter 18

    It did not take us long to get used to our new system. Three days had flown past, and I may have been the most content I have ever been since entering the Childish War. Pike would dare a food run daily, which was absolutely unheard of for me. If I knew that's how aggressive siblings got to live, I would've dropped my typical Night Owl lifestyle at the drop of a hat. If only if it was that easy.

    While Pike was off doing laundry, me, Aïlis, and Greyson lazed about in our underwear. My eyes had grown accustomed to the red fairy lights in Pike's Headquarters.

    "How long are you planning on staying?" Aïlis broke the silence that had been looming over us since Pike's departure. She leaned toward me when I hesitated to answer.

    "I don't know. Until something happens, I suppose," I guessed. Something was bound to happen, whether we mutually split or the Daylight Siblings raided. However, I wanted to prolong the makeshift group as long as possible. Who knew if I'd have this much company ever again.

    "Same," Greyson entered the conversation. He was facing away from Aïlis and me. "Soon as something happens, I'm out. I won't have you guys dragging me down."

    "I drag you down?" Aïlis scoffed.

    Greyson frowned, "You know what I mean."

    "Attention!" We heard the speakers outside, muffled by the walls. The three of us perked up from our slouched forms to listen. Aïlis made a dash for the crevice in the ceiling to reach a spot where she could hear more clearly. I followed suit before Greyson. The three of us tumbled though to the adjacent room.

    "A banquet will be hosted in the main dining hall the day after tomorrow. Please come looking presentable, because your Father and Mothers will also be attending! That is all." The announcement ended with a soft muffling noise, followed by silence.

    "Already?" Greyson broke the quiet.

    "Well, it's been a couple months, hasn't it?" Aïlis whispered her response, aware that we were in a room foreign to us.

    "Really? I don't have a calendar in my hiding spot, so I lose track."

    "Let's head back," Aïlis pulled herself through the ceiling once again.
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    Chapter 19

    The day of Father's banquet approached with alarming speed, and before I knew it, it had arrived. Although the announcement told us to look presentable, it was an impossibility for most siblings. Thanks to Pike, my dress was freshly washed and I looked more well fed than usual. That's just about the most presentable I could get.

    The four of us split up a couple hours before the banquet, just to ensure none of the Daylight siblings caught us hanging out with each other. We also agreed not to talk to each other during the event. I returned to my hiding spot under the desk where I hid before allying with Pike, Aïlis, and Greyson. It was just as I left it– absolutely bare, thanks to Greyson. I huddled up against the wall and waited. It was a lot more uncomfortable than I remembered.

    "Attention! The doors to the main dining hall are now open. Please report there immediately. Any violence during this time is strictly forbidden and any perpetrators will receive penalties. Thank you." My cue finally came.

    I rose from my hiding spot and walked toward the main dining hall. Out of pure habit, I checked each corner before entering another hall. Other siblings were now filtering out of their rooms, still apprehensive. Some huddled in groups; the daylight sibling still retained their menacing atmosphere. I entered through a tall, grandiose door and into the main dining hall. Father and his three wives— Marissa, Fae, and Lauretta— sat at the head table. Rows of empty seats and tables laid with ornate tableware sat in facing our parents' table. I took a seat at the far end, as I always did. Soon, the seats all filled up with daylight siblings and Night Owls alike. Surprisingly enough, Pike took a seat right next to me. He winked at me as he sat down, though didn't say a word. I figured the no-talking rule still stood. The room was always relatively quiet, for how many people were present.

    "Children," Father began. His face always appeared tired, and he did not smile as he started his speech. "Good job on surviving until now. Please enjoy yourself today." He was a man of few words.

    Marissa took the speech over from there. Her hair looked lovelier than ever, curled into locks and adorned with white lilies. She spoke with more grace than I could ever muster in my lifetime. "Yes, wonderful job, especially you younger ones! Don't forget to meet with your mothers after the meal and turn in your gift wish slip. Now's your time to chat amongst yourselves, so don't waste it! Have fun, you've all deserved it!"

    Despite Marissa's bubbly words of encouragement, the dining hall remained as silent as ever.
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  12. Chapter 20

    I suppose it's no mystery of why I'm more withdrawn than most of my siblings. After all, I am Lauretta's daughter. She, along with all of her children, don't seem to quite fit in with the high-class environment of father and his other wives. I was told once that she came from a working class family and met my father when he was on vacation. Apparently they fell in love and were married within a week. Once my mother travelled back with father, however, it seems reality quickly set in and she found herself thrust into a world of riches and regular child death. Because of this, I have never seen my mother smile. To be honest, I, too, do not think I would be able to muster any happiness in the face of children whose demise is only a matter of time. I don't think any of us could blame her.

    And so she sat at the head of the table after the meal part of the banquet with her same weary expression, sullen eyes, and wrinkled forehead. No amount of dark lipstick and glamorous jewelry could ever seem to cover the absolute fatigue that was her constant state.

    We six of her surviving children sat along the sides of the table in silence. We never talked much, familiarity only meant agony once the other had been killed off. Mother didn't initiate conversation because of this reason. I had sat next to Greyson, but he was as hesitant to converse with the group as I was. Across from me sat Grant, and Fal, both of whom belonged to Brennan's Daylight Army. Luckily, neither of them I believe had partaken in the expedition to kill me, Pike, and Aïlis only weeks earlier. However, both gave me and Greyson apprehensive glances every now and then, so there was no doubt that the story had travelled to them.

    I pretended to be distracted by reading the gift request slip lying on the table in front of me. The slip read my name and age, and left a line blank for my gift request. Previous gift requests of mine included my rifle and clothes, but I always just wrote down certain foods after that, which I requested in sheer lack of better, tangible things to wish for. Things like safety, happiness and company were not eligible gifts. This time, too, I fell short of the foresight I needed to fret over what I wanted. I sighed and wrote down strawberry cake after a minute or so of trying to think up something useful.

    The rest of the mother-children bonding time was spent as it started, silent enough to hear a pin drop. Eventually, Father reentered the room and gave a short conclusion address, and ended the banquet. I stood up and pushed in my chair, spending as long as possible in the safe spot. I reread my gift request over before reluctantly handing it over to Mother.

    I was halfway across the room, walking toward the room before I heard a choked, "Mara, wait here for a second," from my mother.
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  14. Oooouuuuu the suspense??
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  17. Chapter 21

    I stayed in the main dining hall until all of my other siblings had filtered out. They still had a couple minutes until the war continued, but I felt like a sitting duck staying where I was.

    "Mara, I have something to give you. It'll be a little startling at first, but I promise you'll get used to it," Mother failed at keeping me calm. What was it? Anything my parents had to give me had to be horrid, they were the ones who maintained the war.

    "What is it?" It couldn't hurt to ask questions.

    "Just this," Mother lifted a silver box out of her dress pocket. "It's just a communication piece." She lifted the lid of the box to reveal a small, bluish-silver devices. She held it out to me to examine, but I backed away. Anything my parents would give me would be suspicious. If it was really a communication piece, the other Night Owls would've been called over as well.

    "Mara," She tried to sooth me," Please." She closed the gap between us. Backing away wouldn't get me anywhere.

    "Thank you," She praised. My mother lifted her ornate hand to my left ear, tugging it toward her. I bit my tongue. "Stay still," She released my ear to pick up the boxed device and lifted it up to my ear. I couldn't stay still, as the shaking was involuntary. She fitted the speaker near the ear canal, and looped the rest behind my ear.

    "This will hurt a bit." I felt a sharp pain on the edge of my ear and I clenched my jaw. "Done."

    My hand lifted up to feel the cool metal. The device pierced my ears, leaving a stinging sensation. I didn't try to remove it with Larissa standing right there.

    "Is it comfortable?"

    I nodded my head.

    "Good. I'll activate it later in the day, so you can leave now. Good luck."
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