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Are you willing to participate in the tournament?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hey guys, I am planning on hosting a Chess Tournament for all the PIMD players. I wanna know your opinion. If there are more than 30-40 players, I could set up a favourable time and host the tournament. :)

    P.S. Just a bit of brain exercise during this stagnant lockdown period.
  2. Support. I love chess. I'm about 1450 rated on Lichess for blitz.
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  3. sounds fun
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  4. I suck but I'd play for fun 🥳
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  5. That's the spirit! 😃😃 Can you also help me out by gathering up a bigger audience so that we can have 20-30 people playing in the tournament. 😁
  6. Wow. We should play on Lichess. What's ur I'd? 😃
  7. Yes. Invite your friends to join too ask them to do the poll so I can get a count. 🤗🤗 Thank you.
  8. honestly its been awhile for me. 🌚 i dont think i remember any strategies
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  9. That's alright. I just wanna bring the community together for a while and have a bit of fun. If u have any interested friends please ask them to join in, as we need atleast 30 or more people for the tournament to happen. 😊