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  1. I was thinking about the cheap marketing now. Did you notice some Player just buy cheap Single Stat Items rather than completing Hard drops just for 5mcs,4mcs,3mcs and 2mcs. then become semi active?

    The market is low but the drops still the same. And i think if this keeps happening more and more player just be lazy to hit parties and be semi active s buy those cheap mcs cause what can you get for 75 drops? that takes a lot of CC party to achieve (4MCS,Care pack?Kini?) 😏 men that only cost 3🍱 and 20c or worse 2🍱 and 20c.

    Ata got to low there drops or act something. Cause even some mods starting this really cheap price that believe by most of new players
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  2. What are you smoking?
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  3. They're likely alts that transfer the bought misc to their main accounts.
  4. uh.. support..? i think.
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  5. I'm triggered that you used men to address everyone so no support
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  6. So I'm not the only one who's noticed...

    I just had to sell a 2mcs for 28c because no one would offer the usual 1🍱 while I'm still over here offering 1🍱 for 2mcs when I buy...
  7. Wait for prices to go back up🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Yehh nahh i refuse to believe prices have dropped bh half in the only like 1 month i was gone. Im selling at normal price when i sell them again
  9. Really? 😳 I haven't sold mcs in a while, but I'm surprised about this.

    I find functions in price often happen when a hunt with a lot of flashes is happening/just happened. It just seems hard to get bentos at all during those times, but it generally bounced back to the average prices of 1🍱:2mcs single or 2.5mix.
  10. sorry i think i accidentally click men in auto dictionary
  11. now tell me if i still need to wait 😏 2mcs are now 25c
  12. Where tf did you see that. They tryna scam you. 2mcs singles are 1b
  13. 2mcs for 25c? Who is entertaining these offers? Crackheads?
  14. This calls for a definitive, no support
  15. i didnt read this tbh. too many words
  16. Yes, keep waiting
  17. Main story rewards are common as dirt these days with all the new players and their alts.

    These prices only work on recent items, it isn't that the stats of older ones have decreased.

    28c is a bit much for a 2mcs MSR. They're heading to be 2:1o.

    3mcs mix is the norm now but when I buy 500kcs items, I'm paying 3c. That makes

    13*500kcs => 6.5mcs per bento. But it's still quite hit and miss at that level.