NEW FEATURE CHAT STICKERS | Say Hello to Cici & Kiki!

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  1. Are there 6 free stickers, or 14? Your post has conflicting answers
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  2. There are 6 free stickers in the Free Pack. The other 8 are available in the Kiki and Cici Sticker Pack which is 19EC to open.
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  3. There's 6 in the free pack and 7 in the kini and cici pack
  4. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps clarify things!
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  5. Same here... What is going on. They are not coming up in “items” you can’t see what ones you have or not.
  6. Yup, we're aware! We're still looking into this.
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  7. Don't just be aware! Be there! Be a CareBear😂🤣🐻🐨🐼 I use to my friend that all the time lol
  8. I just LOVE how whenever I use certain stickers my the app force quits every single time. ONLY when I use the stickers. Hahaa greaaaat 🙃
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  9. Um stickers are not exclusive to LINE. Many chat apps have it, such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp and Kik...
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  10. Wow coooll
    This is what I thought before to have pimd Stickers,and jst telling it to my clubmates,and not posting it in forums coz m scared to be rejected uwu😭
  12. What are they for exactly ?
  13. They’re stickers you can use in club chat or pms.
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  14. Booted me out the whole app 🙄 why not do better free EC things that would be way better instead of having to make a purchase for free EC if that’s the case we would buy EC if we could afford to make a purchase outside of game first it’s the stupid paper rock scissors then the dumb bird now these stickers
  15. Me too where is it?
  16. There are 14 styled stickers, but In one free pack you only get 6 out of 14
  17. Images are invisible.

    This is post-update. Y'all devs shouldn't be making posts with incompatible pics.
  18. Giahak aha mn di makita 😂