Cat Session Raffle + Giveaway!

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  1. Just Another Cat Raffle

    Yall Know The Drill My Amazing Fourms Lurkers and Commenters So this time ima change it up!

    I will Be Raffleing 5 Cats Total It Will Be 5 DIFFRENT Winners!

    Their Is An Entry Cap Of 100 Entries Per Person!

    To Enter This Raffle Send Any Of the Following To IrritableOwl!

    I Will Not Be Accepting Entries After 3PM EST On Wed The 24tšŸ’

    Items Accepted For Entry

    Common BB items - 1 Entry
    Chibi/Rare BB items - 2 Entries
    Spinner Items - 3 Entries
    125KCS Items - 3 Entries
    250KCS Items - 8 Entries
    Spinner or BB Sets - 50 Entries
    Bento = 100

    Furni Accepted For Entry

    Wallpaer/Floor - 1 Entry
    Poster/Above Desk - 2 Entries
    Above Plant - 3 Entries
    Shelf Items - 6 Entries
    Chair/Plants/Bedside table- 10 Entries
    Rug/BookCase - 20 Entries

    Now I Promised A Giveaway So Here We Go! Just Pick A Number Between 1-100

    Their Will Be 3 Giveaway Winners!

    1st - 1 Cat Session @ Tap unruly

    2nd - 2Bentos

    3rd - 2MCS Single

    Good Luck To All - Owl

    Ps! Comment Raffles and giveaway ideas below as well ill give a prize to any idea i like and decide to use!

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  4. Please note cause it dont look like my other note took, These Cats are for sessions at tap unruly whenever you feel like comeing!
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