Cat Cafe must be remove

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  1. BAMF is not a CC club...
  2. Shhhhhhh 
    What I mean to say is he wants to get rid of CCs but he's been doing quite a few CCs (or being in a club doing a few). Which kind of contradicts what he is saying.
  3. They will never move it they make so much money off it.
  4. This is why there's Barcodes no?
  5. No Cc should not be removed
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  6. Uh... no.
  7. But cat cafe helps players grow! Should not be removed.
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  8. Please don’t revive 8 year old threads for alt attention. At least be annoying on your main.
  9. Why does everyone assume I’m an alt? 🤧
  10. Cause of your showcase. One can tell a lot about an account by reading its showcase.
  11. Did you throw poo
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  12. Its not a assumption. Its just insanely ovious
  13. I'm almost certain that you wrote a thread recently about a strip farm? I can only vaguely remember what the details were. Something about your main, I think. Feel free to correct me, I don't know what I'm talking about. I'd have to search for it
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  14. kinda nice to see old threads albeit being useless
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  15. There is a Sriracha shortage right now. That means this thread has failed. Lock it ……
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  16. The only thing that matters in this world
  17. homie what 😂
  18. I mean, he's not wrong. It's much easier to upgrade now than it was before parties were implemented. Heck, ATA just gives us freebies and everyone takes it for granted.

    On the other hand, nobody is forcing anyone to hit parties. If you want to hit players, then go for it. Nothing is stopping you except for yourself.
  19. I will admit, when I first started PIMD I didnt like the attacking/farming. I came back 4 years ago and liked the ability to collect pretty pixels and make friends. I like the fun pvp events because there is a bigger goal than just ‘get greedy’. I like competition more than ffa war. I play KoH for the war and familial aspect my clan has. So here, I get to collect everything; there I get to attack. Ill be honest, i spend more here than there even tho I keep saying I need to stop xD