Cat Cafe must be remove

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by TAKE--lT--EZ, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Apes best income is from kaw, there people doing HTE which is exactly the same in under 10 mins all day everyday for way over a year and many people that do it, that's there best income.
  2. Lmao u doing cc in ur club rn
  3. You know they'll never do it
  4. Ata won't remove it. But I predict eventually enough players will be over it to develop a pvp community as well. As of now the main community is partiers and pvp players are outcasts. Cool outcasts tho.
  5. You're actually in a cat cafe atm. Did you notice?
  6. for any issue email, include your username, game you play , and issue
    remember dont spam them, email them once and wait
  7. Men...what about women...?
  8. They won't remove Catcafe they have to many people spending crazy amounts of money to get ec for cat cafe look how many cc clubs they are there all bringing ata alot of money
  9. Poo abuse ?
  11. Has noone noticed that this was posted while a huge war was underway???
  12. I was in your war ?
  13. Its seems you are currently in a cc club though. Hypocrisy is allowed but not necessarily praised haha
  15. Organize wars and gtfo posting threads like this while your clubs doing cc ?? I can't even!
  16. Cat cafe is bae K? go play some other game if you don't like cc :|
  18. This example is spot on. Gold star for you sir. ⭐️
  19. Why not just band together and farm everyone in b2b cc clubs. Ruin their game so they don't buy cats because of what would happen.
  20. However, the OP is currently in a CC club which would mean he'd be farmed because of his movement 