Can you an Answer the Question? [game]

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by IFeelSickWhenISeeAaronsFace, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Why so stupid to ask the question? (does this make sense?)
  2. Why are we talking about stupid things?
  3. Are we all stupid but our brains just trick stupidity as intelligence?
  4. Perhaps we're all too stupid to realise that we're actually stupid?
  5. Why are we stupid?
  6. Why is everyone calling themselves stupid?
  7. Can we not leave this stupid stuff?
  8. I believe we can, can't we?
  9. How can you even believe that?
  10. Why do you have to be a bunny?
  11. Why can't I be a bunny?
  12. Why do you have to be a bunny?
  13. Why should she not?
  14. Who said she had to be a bunny?
  15. Wait why are we talking about bunnies?
  16. Why do you hate bunnies?
  17. Why'd you assume that I hate bunnies?
  18. What is wrong with assuming?
  19. Can we stop assuming?
  20. Why can't we continue assuming?