Can u help l need back my account in the game

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Antori2, Oct 25, 2020.

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  1. A friend want me to join his club but I couldn't leave my club so I try to make another account and this happens so can u help me
  2. You have to wait 24hrs then you can link this acc to a DIFFERENT email or facebook account then what you got your main linked to. If you didn't link your main to anything send a help ticket and ata will link it for you after you prove its your acc by ansering some questions. We cant help you with this only ata can
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  3. just download a certain app to clone pimd 🌚
  4. Paralel space is stupid tho n only for android not everyone is on android
  5. I was talking to ATA about this idea, and said I should bring it to forums. If anyone agrees, please share the word and let's continue to keep PIMD an amazing game!
    So I noticed that from when I started to play (2 years ago), and now that the prices for Pizza Bakinis have dropped really low. So I was wondering if maybe Pizza Party Art got a buff. In which the party now drops 250 for main story and 80 for the side story! This way PPA price can go back up, they'll be able to keep up a bit with CC parties, and also PPA clubs will get a chance to make some Bentos and keep their clubs live and going. Well that was my idea, idk if it's a good one or a bad one, but please me feedback!
  6. It does drop 250 main hunt drops. If you not getting that check you got max plunder and make sure you hitting enuf
  7. You should’ve sent a ticket for this, not make a forum, but yes, what Dino said.
  8. its something at least. there was another app but I can't remember the name but it did the same thing.
    Those nubs should get an android rather than an expensive knock off
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  9. You can have multiple accounts...!!! Just remember all the deeds .. if you don’t remember well then ata can help you
  10. You can send a help ticket if you need help recovering an account or wait 24 hours from the creation of your new account to log out and log into your original account, hope this helps!
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