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  1. California residents... wash your ass. Or quarantine yourselves. Thanks, everyone is sick now.

    But don't worry, my immune system fought that weak shit off.

    But frfr, wash y'all ass.
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  2. ?????????
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  3. im sorry what
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  4. Good.. you've managed to achieve world peace.
  5. Ahhh beautiful California. Home to midevil diseases.
  6. California residents got me sick😔 It lasted for over a week and it was nothing like anything I've ever experienced.
  7. What sickness
  8. Bubonic
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  9. Not our fault u can’t handle it compa

    hood rat shit Gucci gang
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I’m concerned.
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  12. Need more details
  13. Could've been the environment like the air quality or somethin' but go off
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  14. It’s all that dihydrogen monoxide the Californian government was trying to ban 🤧 I guess very few people wanted it gone…not sure why! 🌚
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  15. It's not my fault y'all gave me dat mini epidemic. That was the super flu or sumn
  16. Don't be. I recovered.
  17. Naw, them palm trees was clean and the air was fresh
  18. Uh, really?
  19. Yes. Californians are that stupid
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  20. Just read about the bubonic plague issue in Cali and found out that there’s an app called SnapCrap for poop on the streets.
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