Buying/Selling Zodiac Shards Official Forums Post.

Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Secretly_Shelly, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. I’ll go first,

    Buying any shards 1 bento per 100
  2. Oh really, I might have to buy shards
  3. What they said^^ lemme buy yo shards y’all
  4. Buying/Trading for Taurus. Wall me your prices, please.
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  5. Trading all shards for pieces shards
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  6. I’m trading all my other shards for Gemini
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  7. trading all my shards for libra shards.
  8. Im trading all my shards for Aries shards :)
  9. Buying Aries shards wm y'all
  10. Can yall not just do this on the showcase items thread?
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  11. Trading all my shards for Capricorn or Aquarius
  12. Send me Aries shards and I might send you a “you tried” star

  13. No that would be a ton of clutter for such a short period of time
  14. Looking for Taurus shards 
  15. Buying pisces shards in bulk, wall me please
  16. Buying Aries shards. 100 per bento. Wall me if selling
  17. The shards are around for a while, not just this hunt.
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  18. Buying cancer and Virgo shards ️
  19. Trading mine for leo!!
  20. Buying 240 Sagittarius shards.

    I have:
    276 Virgo
    222 Leo
    335 Aquarius
    428 Aries