Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nemo, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Selling Boombox, current hunt 499 ecs furniture.. let me know if you're interested
  2. Updated
  3. Boombox sold
  5. Selling all ?
    Dank and sons hunt:
    DNS plant
    Top shelf
    Middle shelf
    Bottom shelf
    Above plant shark
    Both posters
    Bedside shelves
    Vocat hunt:
    Piggy bank level 2 (499ec)
    pirate hunt items:
    Pile of skulls(499ec)
    Duck ship (999ec)
    Wall offers
  6. Sold
  7. I'm looking for the camping themed 499 ec and 999 ec furniture. Also the camping chair. Please wall me if you have them and are willing to sell.
  8. I need any and all shelf furniture, trying to recycle and upgrade.

    Donations are more than welcome <3
  9. Buying cafe au lait rug
  10. Selling this dorm for 30 Chibis WMO on individual items
  11. Buying beds desk bookcase rugs
    499ec or 999ec furniture in bulk
    Wall me if u want to sale
  12. Trading a Hypno on my main for decent furniture offer or 2 bentos and 2mcs item. WMO on it, I don't need this Cat so I'll take any offers

    I can drop first if your owner vouches

  13. Sold
  14. BUYING: Frenchie the Bulldog, wall me your asking price
  15. I'm looking for dank and son surfboard. Also I'm swapping my new Maeve bentos for older bentos
  16. Buying any shelves (above desk) in bulk for 2 chibis each
  17. Hypnocat for sale, 2 bentos & 2 MCS only

    Can drop first if your club leader can vouch that your trusted :))) chibi bento only & 1 item limit
  18. Update: SOLD.
    Currently selling this hunt's *bottom shelf*. 10 chibis/1 mcs ; Recycling in 2 days if not sold.
  19. Selling :
    DNS rug (level 2)
    DNS Desk
    DNS Lamps/Posters/Plant/Wall items/shelf items
    Bottom Fish Tank (Level 3)
    Practice Gear (499ec)
    Pile of skulls (499ec)
    Pretty in Pink Chair
    Dormspace Bed
    Dormspace Rug
    Modorm Nurug
    Corsair Rug
    Brotein : Plant/Midshelf/Tierack/Wallshelf

    Current Hunt (Fire in Soul)
    Wallpaper/SideTables/Lamps etc