Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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  1. Buying 499ec furniture or 999ec furniture in bulk wall me offer plz also looking for beds desks bookcase rugs
  2. ️ LOOKING ️
    "Modorm" nubed
    "Mori" study desk
    Winter Storage shelf
    Top Shelf tank
    "Brotein" potted plant
    "Simple City" Slate bookshelf

    Jolly Roger poster - 10 chibis
    IKEO green bedside table - 15 chibis
    Gray lantern - 10 chibis
    Comics lamp - 10 chibis
    Campfire sketches - 15 chibis
    "Jewel of Siam" plant pot - 20 chibis
  3. Looking to possibly trade a drum set, straight up, for another 999. Any interest, offers? Hat
  4. Looking into trading my bunny palace 999 for the dragon 999.
  5. Looking to buy a Easter Desk. I have Bentos. Please wall me if selling.
  6. Selling this hunts:

    499 ec Gloves. Wall offers.
  7. Selling this hunts rug for 2 bentos or 1bento plus 2mcs single item, or 5mcs 4 items

    Jewel of Siam elephant chair - 20 Chibis/2mcs single item
    Jewel of Siam nightstand - 12 chibis/ 1.5mcs single item
    Muay Tai poster- 5 chibis


    1mcs items for 10 Chibis (I know it's not a furniture but if anyone's interested)
  9. Buying for Bentos
    499ec Frenchie the Bulldog~ 10-15 Bento
    999ec Wicker Chair~

    Wall me or Add me
  10. Selling this hunts furniture in dorm
  11. Buying 999ec red or blue arcade  for bentos
  12. SELLING:
    Jewel of Siam Elephants - 8 chibis
    "Jewel of Siam Candle"- 7 chibis
    Power Paolo Poster - 3 chibis
    Modorm Wallpaper - 3 chibis
    "I AM GREAT" Plant - 8 chibis
    Lotus Carving - 10 chibis


    July spinner set - 25 chibis
    60 Amazing Furniture Box for - 10 chibis

    Wall me if deal
  13. Sale 2 mcs single itam for each bento
    I sale all time
  14. Buying 499ec furniture or 999ec furniture in bulk
    Also trad in beds desk book case rugs
  15. Sale telescope 999ec for 55 to 60 bentos
  16. Selling Game Of Thrones Bed
  18. Brotein Desk + Brotein rug (lvl2) + cosmo poster for 15 bentos
  19. Buying 499 and 999 ecs items for bentos and selling 2 Mcs single item for 1 bento each wall me