Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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  1. 999 and 499 sold
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  3. Buying sunset unicorn cake (cups of sweetness instant avi)
  4. Buying co z rug, snoozing puppies 499, geode bed, geode 999
  5. Selling
    Life is gourd owl crockery lamp 5chibs
    Mermaid Statue 999
    Living in Sun Table
    WMO 🌝
  7. Starred beds 2b each Or trading for different beds , ( if my starred is showing more than beds ignore this post)
  8. L👀king for cabin crew divan wm!!🎉🌈🧁
  9. Buying
    • Co-z/HNY bookcase
    • Northern lit camping set 999
    Do wall me your offers.
  10. Selling 999 Cu-Tea Curio Cabinet 8🍱
    Selling Old Rare Furniture in Starred
  11. Buying:
    loft and found bookcase - 20c
    Mid shelf & bot shelf - 4c each
    Hako no neko bot shelf (offer)
    Loft desk (offer)
    Pet paradise top shelf, litten in the box (offer)
  12. Selling starred furniture and buying celestia furniture except desk and nightstand
  13. I would like to buy
  14. 🍁Selling Starred🍁 ✨**Buying missing pieces to Autumn Twilight & Winter Wizardly.**✨
  15. Otaku amp price check
  16. Selling Rare Starred Furni
    •DNS Desk-10🍱
    •Japanese•Vocat•Mori WMO💜
  17. 🖤selling partially leveled creepy in pink full dorm taking offers from 35B - 40B🖤
  18. Buying Hit Like , Middle Shelf , Hit like Soloroids (above plant)
  19. Bought the wallpaper already, thank you!
    Still looking for pembroke buffet desk and pretty in pink rug. Let me know your price :D
  20. Buying:

    🦋 Cabin crew bookcase
    🦋 Cabin crew rugs
    🦋 Hit like soloroids

    Please wmo thank you ╥﹏╥💕