Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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    black letter grand father 999
  2. Buying

    black letter grand father 999
  3. Selling anchors ⚓️ wm
  4. selling watching hour rug 3b
  6. Hi all! This is my first time posting here! I guess I got lucky today, I won this hunts 999 out of the timerbox! Yay! Trying to sell it now.

    Arcane abode cauldron 999 for sale.

    Wall me offers please 😍
  7. Selling lots of wonderland furni :)
  8. Selling 🌟'd PRISMEY 999 for ONLY 20🍱 WMID
    • Arcane Abode desk - 3🍱
    • Arcane Abode rug - 18c
    • Bedside table - 6c
    • Abv bed - 4c
    • Abv desk - 4c
    • Floor - 2c
    Have other hunts furni in starrrd as well ✨
  10. 🎃 Selling Hunt Dorm As Set 🎃
    - WMO -
  11. 🌖**Selling Unstarred**🌔 ✨~Black Magic furni prices ranges to 5c-4b.~✨
  12. 🗣️Selling this hunt 999❤️
    👉Arcane Abode Cauldron
  13. LF for some furnis 🖤
    • Eggshell white paint job wp 🥺
    • Black furniture items (bed/rug/shelves)
    Wall me prices, thank you!
  14. ISO a green rug to match my dorm - please wmis any green rugs. Prefer darker shade, but please none of these: Padraig, Triton’s Garden, Buns and Roses, or 10-S-N-E-1.

    Also BUYING the Vintage Leather Recliner chair. Please wmis!
  15. Selling ‘Tea time of horror’ bed 💞 WMO or trade with 600 blue candles 🔥
  16. Can sell it for 3B
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  17. Selling 142 red candles and gem crate item wmo @GoldenTimes
  18. Selling ⭐️Furni⭐️

    • Leftover Jardin Lapin set of walls, floor, poster, above bed, above desk, lamp, all 3 shelves, AND plant for just 1b!
    • Leftover Sweet Romance set of walls, floor, poster, above bed, above desk, lamp, T/M, plant, AND rug for only 1b&10c!
    • Beanbag 999 for 10b only!
    D E A L S
    !! on wall if buy in bulk !!

    • The rest of my starred for sale at a fair and cheap price, wall me 😊🤍
  19. Selling Starred and Unstarred Furniture wall me with offer! 🖤, no lowball! 🖤
  20. 📸 Selling Photo Shoot 999 15b or WMO 📸