Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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  1. buying sorcerer hat 1c & aphro shards 10:1c
  2. Buying a 999 that has a cat
  3. 🌻 selling 🌻
    hunt bookshelf - 1🍱
    hunt rug -1🍱
  4. 🌿Selling Ritual Circle 499 lvl 2 (30b?)😅🌿 **Black Magic**
  5. Buying Mrs mischief
    Price :- 200b
  7. BUYING Living in Sin shelves top and bottom, wmo.
  8. buying toyohira/neko kissaten furni not in my dorm (bed, nightstand, lamp, bottom shelf, desk)
  9. Selling starred including hunt furnis 🖤
    • Hunt rug: 18c
    • Hunt chair: 10c
    • Hunt above plant: 7c
    • Hunt floor: 2c
  10. ⭐Selling starred⭐
    Also selling full grunge chic dorm wmo🖤
  11. Selling Hunt rug- 1🍱
  12. ❄️Selling starred WMO❄️

    Creepy in pink candelopus x2
    Chef's kiss pot rack
    Autumn equinox hanging herbs
    Shoreline Poster

    Pastel pink panel walls
    Creepy in pink walls
    Witching hour walls
    Zodiac walls
    Neon Dream walls

    Midnight Tryst floor
    Jardin lapin

    ❄️Above bed❄️
    Witching hour sigil sculptures
    Autumn equinox spice shelf x2
    Pet paradise cat shelf x2
    Leo embroidery

    ❄️Above desk❄️
    Arcane abode potion cabinet
    Chef's kiss wall calendar
    Outbreak hotel target poster
    Witching hour wall shelves
    Autumn equinox wreath
    Neon Dream art print
    Cancer wall hanging

    ❄️Above plant❄️
    Chef's kiss photo collage
    Pisces Tapestry
    Gemini Tapestry
    Pembroke wreath

    ❄️Bedside table❄️
    Outbreak hotel safe x2
    Midnight Tryst nightstand
    Autumn equinox bedside table
    Pet paradise bedside pet cube
    Zodiac nightstand

    First impressionism table lamp
    Witching hour lamp
    Aries candle

    Pet paradise tiger rug
    Neon Dream rug
    Midnight Tryst rug
    Influence rug

    Ice crystal bookcase
    Punkheap bookshelf

    ❄️Top/middle/bottom shelf❄️
    (T) Ursa major
    (M) The grapes of Athens
    (M) Let's talk about hex

    Outbreak hotel portable generator
    Neon Dream armchair
    Taurus throne

    Neon dream desk

    Tales from the crypt sleeper bed
    Outbreak hotel trunk seating
    Contemporary corfu couch

    Ganache the cat

    ❄️Wall me offers❄️

  14. Selling punkheap bed 2 bentos, starred Greek shards, amps, kini, slow jams, rest of yarn, lots of furni in starred, peps for chibis, extra old spinner items (i keep one of each for collection) and more -ALL STARRED items 🖤🎃 wall me offers or if you have questions. 🥰🕸🖤🎃✨🖤🎃🖤🕸
  15. selling bonds of love 999 for 70 🍱
  16. Everything Sold
  17. 🔮Selling Complete Black Magic Dorm🔮
    Can sell separately or as a set
    • lvl 2 999 : 110b
    • lvl 2 499 (ritual) : 25b
    Entire dorm price : Open to offers
    🔮Wall me for offers/questions🔮
  18. Buying frostfall walls! ❄️
  19. Buying Bloodline 999 wmo ♥️
  20. Selling
    ✨Pimd crate-20b
    ✨Crate items