Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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  2. Selling Starred Showcase.♥️
    Selling Grunge chic Desk.♥️
    Selling Petit Four Bed. ♥️
    Wall Me Offers. 💕
  3. ✨🌸 BUYING FURNIS 🌸✨

    » wanderfall rug «
    » dank and sons nightstand «
    » vocat shelves «
    » indoor hammock «

    pls wall/add me if you’re selling!
  5. Buying wanderfall bed. Wmo 🌻
  6. Searching for spring breeze chair and autumn twilight chair
  7. sᴇʟʟɪɴɢ:

    - ᴘᴀʟɪᴀs ᴅᴇ ɢʟᴀᴄᴇ

    ᴅᴏʀᴍ sᴇᴛ ᴡ/999 ❄️

    - ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ ᴅᴏʀᴍ sᴇᴛ ☕️

    - sᴛᴀʀʀᴇᴅ ⭐️
  8. Selling Starred Furniture♥️
    Selling Grunge chic Desk.
    Selling Zodiac Desk.
    Selling Dress Maker Station 999ecs.

    Wall Me Offers. ♥️
  9. Selling Starred🧚‍♀️
    ● Wallpaper - 10c
    ● Floor - 8c
    ● Leaftop Light Birch Bookcase - 3b (SOLD)
    ● Co-Z Shelves (Top/Mid/Bot - 1b
  10. Selling Frenchie 499
    Taking Offers 😊
  11. Large selection of beds and desks for TRADE.
    Your bentos are no good here.
    See starred showcase.

    • Current hunts bed trade for any 3♻️recycle beds

    All others are:
    • Any 1 bed for any 2 ♻️ recycle beds
    • Any 1 desk for any 2 ♻️ recycle desks

    🚫Black Magic & Palais de Glace furni not included for sale in this offer🚫
  12. 🖤🦋Selling starred🦋🖤
    🦋Ghostly bats
    🦋Rooster beads
    🖤Co-z, Arc, Hunt furniture
    🦋🖤Will trade for beads🖤🦋
  13. Sellings Lots of Furni <3
    pls wall/add me if interested!

    Happily - 3c
    Gothice - 3c
    Ice Crystal - 3c
    CabinCrew - 1c
    Surfin' A.U.S - 2c
    Sugar And Ice - 2c
    Summer Daze - 4c
    Snow Warning - 1c
    Cirque Fantasy - 3c
    Hygge Higeaway - 2c
    Nihonzaru Onsen - 4c

    Ice Crystal - 2c
    Dorm Noir - 1c
    Hologlamour - 3c
    White Carpet - 1c
    Sugar and Ice - 2c
    Vendredi Noir - 3c
    Snow Warning - 1c

    Wall Shelves (3c each):
    Cricket Bat
    Staffs of Fire
    Lovebird Wall Display
    Nihonzaru Onsen Fan

    Above Bed (3c each):
    Let's Roll
    The Don Poster
    The Slops Wall Art
    Christimas Triptych
    Crystalline Reindeer
    Onsen Noren Poster
    Welcome to The Circus Poster

    Beds (2b each):
    Toyohira Chabudai
    Buns and Roses Couch
    Summer Daze Rug - 4c
    Cirque Fantasy Rug - 2c
    Nihonzaru Onsen Rug - 4c
    Surfin A.U.S. Beach Towel - 2c

    Dorm Noir - 4c
    Summer Daze - 6c
    Vendredi Noir - 5c
    Hygge Hideaway - 5c
    Nihonzaru Onsen - 6c

    Lamps (3c each):
    Cirque Fantasy
    Surfin A.U.S Lamp

    Cirque Fantasy - 1b
    Leaftop Dark Birch Bookshelf - 2b

    Top Shelf (8c each):
    The Bedtime Bunch
    Sake Contemplation
    Candles and Cookbooks

    Mid Shelf:
    Tales of a Glass Palace - 8c

    Bottom Shelf (8c each):
    Fresh Bouquiets
    Performer's Secrets

    Desks (1b each):
    Snow Warnig
    Botanists Desk
    Boho-Colegiate Desk

    Above Desk:
    HNY Clock - 6c
    Kangaroo Clock - 6c
    Dortoir Mode Mirror - 5c
    PIning For The Fjords - 5c
    Dressing Table Mirrors - 5c
    Surfin A.U.S. Kangaroo - 5c
    Sugar and Ice Candy Art - 5c
    Nihonzaru Onsen Scrolls - 7c
    Loft and Found Whiskey Lamp - 6c

    Death And The Raven - 20c
    Curfin A.U.S. Beach Flag - 15c
    Cirque Fantasy Unicycle - - 15c
    Ishidourou and Bonsai - lvl 3, 2b 20c
    Nihonzaru Onsen Souzu - lvl 3, 2b 20c

    Above Plant:
    Skoden - 4c
    Unceded - 4c
    CabinCrew Shelf - 4c
    Strings of Pinecones - 5c
    Only Yule Snowflake - 4c
    Sugar and Ice Wreath - 4c
    Arc-En-Ciel Decoration - 5c
    Nihonzaru Onsen Shelf - 6c
    Buns and Roses Wreath - 6c

    Chair (25c each):
    Nihonzaru Onsen Stool
    Cirque Fantasy Armchair
    Enchanted Forest Armchair

    Pail of Wildflowers - 4b

  14. buying grunge chic desk, solarium of solace 999 & loft and found shelves (all 3) 🧃🛒
  15. 🌿🎀 Buying Furnis! 🎀🌿

    🌷 Enchanted Forest Rug
    🌷 Loft and Found Floor
    🌷 Autumn Spice Nightstand
    🌷 Enchanted Forest Chair
  16. Buying new “FRIENDZ4EVA” furni

    wall me if you’re selling plzzzzzz

  17. 🖤 Selling T10 Trees Of Sweets 999 In Dorm WMO 🖤
  18. still looking for vocat shelves & indoor hammock! 💕
  19. SELLING starred items and furnitures
    BUYING animal desk and bed
    BUYING punk or musical related 499 and 999 WMO