Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sorry, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Looking for summer swing 999ec, willing to trade mines for it.
  2. I have one if your still looking
  3. Selling my dorm too.
  4. 🍂🦊BUYING🦊🍂

    Autumn Magic Walls
    Biblio Top & Middle shelves
    Leaf & Gourd Desk
    Foxes Laze in Autumn 999
    Falling Leaves (Above plant)
    Autumn Orchard Fox Armchair
    Autumn Spice Bed

  5. Looking to trade for this hunts furni - wm if interested
  6. S
    🦋SOLD 999🦋

    Still selling 499💕
  7. Willing to trade my furniture too or just wall me your prices, I’m Looking for:
    • Indoor picnic set
    • Idyll rug and picnic basket
    • Summer swing 999 ec
    • Enchanted forest wall shelves
    • Sunflower lamp or champagne picnic
  8. Also looking for either of these 499s: Hanami plush, puppy picnic, Diana the corgi, or Sakura and haru
  10. BUYING

    Fox of the Fae 999
    Or the fae 999 shards
  11. Selling everything in my dorm and starred furnitures, WMO !! 🥰🥰
  12. got one, accpt my reuest

    🍭 white wood paneling

    🍭 Autumn magic Wallpaper

    🍭 Pembroke Sofa

    🍭 Caramel leather couch

    🍭 Diana the corgi 499

    🍭 Summer Daze Desk

    🍭 Co-z Rug

    🍭 The badger and the baskets top shelf

    🍭 Found in autumn fields middle shelf

    🍭 Bees, fox, honey bottom shelf

    Also selling my starred furnitures!

    🧁 Wall me if you’re selling 🧁

    Piggy Bank 499
    Celestia floor
    Celestia Nightstand
    Cloud candy lamp
    Influence wall shelf
    Influence mirror
  15. Buying Fae Furniture Shards! 😊
    Wall me if selling ❤
  16. BUYING 🗻
    hanami vase
    hunt middle shelf
    autumn spice bed
    mogul above plant
    sundae slippers 499
    wild magic nightstand
    black history top shelf
    glass vase w branches plant
    elegante white oak bookcase

    **no random adds & op prices please
  17. buying 9 fae rug, 20 fae middle shelf, 40 fae bookshelf, 1fae desk poster,7 fae beside table for 🍱

    Selling as if bed for 1b (or in faes) for recycling
    Selling viplife desk for 4b or i'm open for your offer