Buying/Selling Furniture Thread

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  1. This thread is dedicated to anyone looking to sell or buy furniture just post the piece you're selling and a price you want or offer

    I'll start

    Kandi Chair
    1 bento
  2. Selling...
    • Rave Wallpaper - 1 Bento
    • Bouquet of Flowers - 1 Bento
    • Kandi Blue Block - 1 Bento
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  3. Buying all oscar furniture
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  4. Buying Night sky wallpaper. Wall me offer
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  5. Buying night sky wallpaper and showtime bed. 1 bento each. ?
  6. Beds are worth at least 4 bentos.
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  7. ? messed up in typing and it was too late to correct so I just left it lol. Depending on trade and what they're offering, I'll trade mcs items for the furniture as well. Just has to be worth it. ??‍♀️
  8. buying all giftable furniture. i don't have bentos but willing to offer any other stat item 
  9. This hunt's poster for sale
  10. Buying this hunts mirrors, computer and ottoman.
  11. Ottoman so posh
  12. -green kandi block 1 bento
    -blue Kandi block 1 bento
    This hunts poster 1 bento
  13. Selling night sky wallpaper wall me offers
  14. These offers are op :|
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  15. What do you call it? 
  16. Buying Walk of Fame Stars
  17. Selling night sky wallpaper wall me offers also selling the owl with 3D glasses that's 100ec
  18. Selling


    • Kandi Green Block
    Kandi Green Bed
    • Bedside Movie Table
    • Heart-Shaped Photos
  19. Selling director's chair. Give me offers.
  20. someone please bless me with the opportunity of buying a rug…
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