Buddy/Bestie/BFF Box Combination Items

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Arse, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. It will combine. Sometimes it takes time.
    Mine combined after 3 hours :lol:
    Players have suggested to send items to a friend/alt to speed up the process. 
  2. Mine combined after trading the items to a friend
  3. is this one of them?
  4. Nope, that’s just an ultra rare item from the box (already made I guess lol)
  5. I have been waiting on my dino.. I have 10 yarn and 10 eggs they still have yet to combine.. I wrote you all about this a few days ago.. 
  6. You have got a Dino though ??‍♂️
  7. Thats after gifting my alt AND trading from my alt to my main.. Thank you sweets.
  8. Mine never combined and I have 10 of both and have for several days. So either I’m right and that’s not the proper number or it’s different per person. I also tried giving one away and having it sent back, it didn’t work 
  9. Maybe send a ticket to ata to confirm one of your theories? if not then they'll probably fix it if it's a bug.
  10. Send all the items to another person/alt. Might help.
    A lot of players have confirmed the combination. I've confirmed with support and the combinations are same for every player.
  11. I did, their response was “It’s a mystery. Keep trying!”
    Which leads me to think it’s not a mistake or glitch and it does either require more or it’s different per person. But I’m also guessing that’s their way of not wanting to confirm or deny anything as to not give it away.

  12. god damn those apes smh why does everything have to be a mystery or a surprise 

  13. I guess I’ll try this later. Seems stupid though if support won’t fix it to just combine on its own for player without so much effort

  14.  Ikr ? It’s like wow combos aren’t working on there own, which ironically isn’t a surprise considering the amount of glitches these days ?
  15. But how tf do u send buddy boxes to people in the first place?
  16. Buying ec/dns. There’s a thread/link somewhere around here?
  17. You don’t really send it to ppl, when you buy one of dn/ecs deals they drop for your whole club
  18. Here's a link:
    Social Rewards