Bruuuuuhhhh do you ever feel like spamming forums wit random crap cuz YOLO BRUHHHHHHH

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  1. Like forreal bruh, you ever watch a commercial from a fast food joint, and the commercial makes their burger look so fookin scrumptious, like you'd go to war just to eat a burger like that ryt m8, like that burger looks like it was CRAFTED BY GOD HIMSELF, that shit looks so fookin majestic β€” so you're like ight, lemme go see wassup, you head on a quest to sieze and conquer that fast food joint β€” AND WHEN YOU GET THERE THEY HAVE THE FOOKIN AUDACITY TO GIVE YOU A SAD LOOKING BURGER – oh hail nawh bruh das not right bruh

    But that's not even the fookin point of dis thread, da point is, do you ever feel like spamming forums with random crap brah? Brah? Just me? It kinda do be looking sad and depressed around here brah, where da gud vibes at brahhh

    Brah out,
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  2. i think of a thread to post every now and then. i just dont post them 🌚
  3. Fook it, the heart wants what le fokin heart wants and if the mfer don't wanna make a thread then no thread it is!! Personally for me I realize dis shit be fookin not alive and instead of me complaining and pointing out why it's not alive, why not post some 2 cent thread ye know m8 YOLO it be dead anyway xD so why not post some 2 cent thread and on with my day I ain't even expecting any replies too so its great!

    I'll probably just keep posting random crap on dis bitch til I forget about the app, then I'll be back mid year, do the same then I'll be seeing yall for Christmas again.

    Ye boiiiiz
  4. πŸ€”is there a thread limit????
  5. last i checked there was a thread posting limit per day πŸ‘€
  6. Sometimes I do. Been berry busy lately. I wanted to post photos last night but I was in the hospital w a fren and the heccin photos wouldn't load over the slow wifi. I'll post it here:


    I got this 5 foot teddy for Christmas and wanted to show it off. His name is Max.
  7. Also, I saw this on insta:


    And I was like "when did we vote on these 9???" And they're all female avis, too. And top 9 for what. I thought it was a weird ad
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  8. Judging from the past few ads, maybe the marketing team has no idea what this game is about.
  9. [​IMG]

    I got this as a christmas present and I like so far. The best part about it is the stick figures in every page!
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  10. I don't even know what this game is about. Does anyone even really know wtf this game is?
  11. wasting money duh
  12. Ive only spent money 2 times. 1 was on a avi that was money only impulse made me get it n ended up abandon that acc not long after. 2nd time was on the cheapest ec to change my ign coz it couldnt wait
  13. money well wasted 🌚
  14. True πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Apparently there is a limit of 3 per day but that has been breached in the past and unless it's actually considered disruptive by some mods, it isn't enforced. Go ham.
  16. That looks so fun
  17. They changed which ones are top nine for some reason.

  18. I think thats normal for some mobile apps cuz ads will appeal to you where the game is disappointing.
  19. πŸ˜‚No guys. This is some bs
  20. Yohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Dude frrrrπŸ™Œ... πŸ™†β€β™€οΈLike Idw that sad luking piece of shit.. Gosh...idk man... Ppl r crazy sumtimes....