Bruuhhhhhh new years resolution ye know bruhhhh

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  1. Wotz yer new years resolution? Do you even have one? Do you think they are trash? Do you wanna hit da gym but realize you're a cheeto lovin' fok so why bother doing one? WOT IS IT PEEPS?!

    GO GO GO!

    I ain't got one 🤔 yet.
  2. Mine is to stop buying books 🤷 I keep hoarding them.
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  3. i dont really make resolutions. theyre a lot of effort 🌚
  4. If you have a nice place to put em, why not keep buying them? I have a friend who loves reading books, she fucks with the physical copies of books, she says she likes the touch, the smell, the feeling of it and all that. Is it like that with you?! Personally I prefer ebooks 😎😎
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  6. At your own pace and way my dude, if you wanna start mid year YOLO why the fok not, build your way up m8, I used to try to do things in one go and lose motivations, but now I slowly build my way up, make small goals, objectives and its working great for me.
  7. 💀 resolutions? Mine is just to get tf outta 2020.
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  8. Idk if this is a resolution since it's not intended for New Years, but my roommate got a job in Toronto (big Canadian city, kinda like Canadian New York or smthing) and asked me to move w her so I'm saving up to go with her once I graduate (June). Which. My saving is starting now, so ig it's a new years plan
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  9. Get out of the 100s make time to do what i need to do
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  10. This will sound weird, but I want to try wearing makeup more often.
  11. Why you want to do that
  12. Ty for making all these threads Bruhh 💕

    My New Year resolution is to get a promotion and start working more hours as well as to keep the Sabbath as often as possible.

    That means dedicating it to building relationships with my family and friends, as well as possibly doing some work on personal projects that I find fulfilling and which is motivated mainly by myself and those who are closest to me.

    As well as dedicating my Sunday to prepping for the week. Doing cleaning, cooking, preparing lessons, etc.

    I wanna nail my weekends and focus on doing them the way I envisage.
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  13. Mine is to step out of my shell and be more out-going. With that, I also need to be confident 🤧
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  14. I’m sure you like to embrace your Vices 🤪🤓
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  15. My resolution is to get out of my hell hole job.
    I used to love it and everything we did but since the pandemic the managers have been absolute bullies and expecting us to do three times the work load with half the people and hours. After working there for two years they gave me a 30 cent raise which ngl feels like a slap to the face in itself lmao.
    I want to go to another post secondary school as well in hopes to get into a librarian job of some sort. :)
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  16. You're almost there bro, just some days away and you'll be chilling in 2021! 🥳 hope 2021 goes good for you too!!
  17. That's a good goal!! You got this bruh!! Day at a time, and before you know it you'll be in Canadian New York (😂loved how you said that) go conquer and fook shit up! Make 2021 yours!!
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  18. Aye bruh that's wassup! It can be hard doing what you need to do but with a plan and the right balance you can achieve it bro, believe in yourself, work towards at as best as you can! And you got this!!
  19. Aye! Kefo! That's good as fuck bro!! That's definitely something for sure:p I hope you're able to get the desired promotion bruh, and a few more work hours never hurt anyone so fook shit up bruh!

    I hope your weekends also go as planned;p go get em bruh, make 2021 yer bitch too! 😤
  20. Ah, to me confidence is a skill you gain by taking action regardless of how you feel 🤔 that's how it always worked for me like feeling shy = do that thing that makes you shy = repeat it = get used to it = confidence.

    But most importantly, be who you are. If you can't be outgoing simply because it's not in your nature, work with what you got. I believe you can be more outgoing, but if you find yourself unable to be, work with it. there is nothing wrong with not being outgoing at all.
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