Broken King

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  1. I praised you,
    Only for you to tear me down.
    I'm a broken king,
    Who melted down his crown.

    I melted it down,
    To make you a ring.
    Gave you my all,
    Got treated like nothing.

    I'm just a failure,
    Disappointed by a disappointment...
    I feel like a sailor,
    On this deep sea of emptiness.

    Except there's no yacht,
    No boat to stay afloat.
    I drift on a shady raft,
    Where all I do is gloat.

    I see no happy days,
    It's more than a phase.
    Sometimes I feel amazed,
    That I even paid attention to you.

    Knew you were subpar,
    Still fawned over you like a star.
    Got addicted to fake love,
    But I'm done being attached.

    Put my faith in someone again...
    I would never.
    I wish my suffering would end,
    In this endeavor.
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  2. Good stuff. Good stuff. I feel it. I feel it, bruh!! you're da broken king I'm just broke as fock.
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  3. 💀
  4. I liek I liek. Fock da hoe dat broke ur hart k
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  5. Women are cowards
    Never say what they mean
    Just wait for flowers
    Never cause a scene

    It's of no surprise
    then that they abuse their powers
    When men seem like flies
    They know not of deep desires

    Know the beast which you seek to tame
    Heal what holds them back.
    If you can't show them how much you are the same
    You will die of an early heart attack.
  6. #CrackerSquad
  7. Lmao ily