LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Brand New VIP Champagne Box Avatars, Furniture & Items πŸ–€πŸ€βœ¨

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  1. I’m selling masks, skulls, pudding ⛄️
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  2. selling 4 female mask for 2B each
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  3. Trading 2 black masks for 2 fuchsia masks
  4. Not impressed tbh. Maybe just my personal taste but I like the previous black out avatars better 😬
  5. How do we get the masks πŸ™ˆ
  6. Some more stuff I'm not gonna get because I'm putting my money towards Love Nikki til y'all act right.
  7. Omg hard same on that Love Nikki. Good prices and consistently good quality content. What more can you ask for amirite
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  8. My heart says β€œoooooo”
    My brain says β€œoh look, more gambling with boxes.l
    My wallet says β€œlol nope, go buy cat food.”
  9. Which mask is female and which is male?
  10. Pink/fuchsia is female and black is male
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  11. oh god how i want πŸ₯Ί but there’s no point in doing the strike if i just plan on dumping cash into the game at the end of the month/set time period. looks like i’m gonna have to pass or buy in game when i get my hands on some bentos πŸ˜“
  12. Again love the girls avi ... disappointed on guys avi
  13. I'm still on strike and it's a good thing I legit spent all my money on concert tickets. 😬 Shits cute as hell, and the bb stuff? Ugh my life aesthetic. Pray to the goddess I stay strong...
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  14. Selling fushia mask wmo
  15. Looking to trade male masks for female masks
  16. yeah if things don’t change and they don’t hear us I might just uninstall and go install LoveNikki again, at least I keep my benefits and VIP level after every purchase there 😬✌🏻

    and you know, they constantly release nice stuff
  17. Do we need to collect more masks after obtaining the Avi to get the others?
  18. imagine if every hunt was this bomb 😍
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  19. Cute but it's not unique 🌚
  20. Selling masks