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  1. Which is the male green or purple
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  2. Which is male/female and how many do we need of each for greed avis? Anyone know yet?
  3. same as the others, 60 each
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  4. Me iz brokeπŸ₯Ί
  5. Really only want Lust and Sloth.πŸ’€
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  6. I am quite keen on this concept. Albeit, a shame that only Greed has both male and female versions...
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  7. I, myself, confess to being guilty of some of these sins: Particularly, of Pride and...

    It would have been lovely to have the former in the feminine form...
  8. The lust avi 😍
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  9. Buying purple Ouroboros πŸπŸ’œ thank you
  10. Greed avis.

    You will need 60 tier 1s to get an avi, and another 60 to get the vip version (green for male, purple for female).

    Here's a link to the VIP box combinable avatars guide -> LINK
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  11. There are two greeds, a female and a male, but not two of the other sins...πŸ™„
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  12. Terrible avis tbh lol
  13. Lust avi is the best πŸ₯Ί
  15. You could have done so much better for lust tbh, she looks like a rando chick at the club, wheres the real desperate LUST

    LOVE ENVY SM 10/10

    Wish y'all had femme/masc for each sin but 🌚

    and for all those Weebs screaming Seven Deadly Sins anime, I'm disappointed in y'all for not making this about Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust in FMA was a better depiction imo, with the curvy sultry dress and talon nails 🀧 not some purple haired chick in a bralette
  16. Also Ata why you hate big tiddys? would it kill y'all to have a really busty avatar? us big tiddy gfs want big tiddies too 😭🀧
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  17. Yes to Fullmetal Alchemist.
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  18. Which color you need for lust? Or is it just random and hope for the best.
  19. You only get the Greed avis from collecting Ouroborois, green for male avi, purple for female.

    The other avis can be obtained from the VIP champagne boxes randomly by luck.
  20. Thank you.