Brand New: Mineral Pal!!!

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  1. The whole thing shows ata greed and pathetic poor form stealing people extra cash on a April fool joke pet with 0/0 stats! Not funny when u steal money for a joke
  2. Unless this is just a poor attempt at trolling, you don’t have to spend a dime on this pet. The only time where spending ECs (or “money”) could be justified would be those two levels where it takes over 2 days and almost a month to level up. Even then, they made the Instant Finish ridiculously cheap. (1-4 ECs)
  3. Ain’t nobody stealing money tho, ata isn’t jaws of life gripping at your wallet. Players choose to spend if they wish to
  4. Do the Mineral Supply Boxes stack or only one per account? Curious whether or not to open.
  5. I finally found taupe grit and cocoa it’s in the misc item section of the shop thanks a lot guys ️?
  6. I’m out of boxes and need scissor shavings. Will they be dropping from parties?
  7. Never will you ever gain anything more to do with pet rocks
  8. I see Taupe grit and Cocoa grit in the shop, but where can i find sienna grit?
  9. In your mineral supply box when you level your rock in showcase
  10. I havent found the taupe grit and cocoa grit yet?where shall i find it?
  11. Removed from the game. You’re outta luck chuck
  12. How cqn i level up my mineral pal without grit?
  13. You need scissor shavings- which you get from the same box you got your rock from.
  14. I want to level up my mineral pal but i need grit so how can i level up my pal without grit?
  15. So this whole thing is prank? Nothing to gain on that pet?
  16. The forever love of having a rock for a pet
  17. Cant level past level 5 without the grit which was removed from the store :(
  18. I understand making the rock itself limited release but why make ghe grit or leveling the rock limited? Esp when it has 0/0 stats anyway. :(
  19. It was released as an April fools event, just like when a hunt ends the store gifts are removed
  20. I gotta admit it is my favourite pet atm