Brand New: Mineral Pal!!!

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  1. I’ll put it this way. Everything is random about the rock. It could be 3 scissor shavings to level it up then the next is 180 scissor shavings.

    And the time it takes to level it up is always different as well. It could go from one hour to instant

  2. Troll
  3. Ahh bummer I really liked the stat items shown 
  4. There were all previous spinner items lol
  5. I thought the taupe mineral was leaving tomorrow
  6. The 2mcs was from the black magic hunt apparently. The stone heart with flowers thing. I was not here back then and thought with luck I could get it because it is pretty cool ?
  7. Every April Fool's Day you guys always make me think my phone is possessed and I always forget that you guys do this and you got me again this year good job
  8. Does anyone know how to kill this pet? 
  9. Any one else made it to 16 yet on the rock
  10. I’ve got two more levels to go before I get to 16. Trying to get the 178 Shavings for Level 15 right now. ?
  11. where can i find the taupe grit and cocoa?
  12. Where will i get taupe grit and cocoa grit?
  13. Tahoe grit and cocoa grit were in the store until yesterday. Now they can no longer be bought.
  14. Put the grits back in the store please,or at least make them available in capsules.
  15. Grit accidentally left the Store a few hours early, sorry bout that! They're back in and we'll leave them in until Noon PT tomorrow, April 4th.
  16. Ty nice monkey
  17. That thing oogly
  18. The taupe grit still isnt in the store for me anymore :/
  19. Hole thing a disgrace people wasted ec opening boxes on a pathetic 0/0 April fool joke poor form Ata joke al, u want but letting people use real life cash is just pathetic on your part
  20. What ec? The 1 ec timer box?